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American Optical Randolph Engineering Serengeti Sunglasses

American Optical Sunglasses

With the onset of World War II the U.S. Army Air Corp expanded to thousands of aircraft and trained pilots to fly all of these aircraft. The Air Corp quickly recognized the need for sunglasses for pilots and contracted with companies like American Optical Eyewear to manufacture aviator style sunglasses for their pilots. The first military aviator sunglasses had tear drop shaped lenses and that familiar green tint which is known now as AGX lenses.

Soon the shape of the lens began to change into a more square shape to provide more eye socket coverage and provide better protection. The first of what are now known as aviator sunglasses were manufactured by the American Optical Company, now known as AO Eyewear.

AO Eyewear Original Pilot Sunglasses were issued to military pilots up until 1984 when Randolph Engineering became the primary supplier of aviator sunglasses to the U.S. Military. AO Original Pilot sunglasses were the first to fly to the moon, and some of them are on display at the National Air & Space Museum.

It is an interesting side note that the founders of Randolph Engineering, Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski, began their careers in the optical industry by working for American Optical Company until 1972 when they founded Randolph Engineering.

When it comes to classic aviator sunglasses there are a number of excellent choices available. If you are price conscious then the AO Eyewear original pilot sunglasses are a good choice, but for top of the line aviator sunglasses then Randolph Engineering aviator sunglasses are a great choice.

Always remember that if you are a pilot then non-polarized aviator sunglasses are what you want; however, if you are an adventurer who likes to climb mountains or trek through the desert then a great pair of polarized sunglasses work best.
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Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses

Since 1982 the U.S. Department of Defense has contracted with Randolph Engineering, Inc. of Randolph, MA to manufacture military aviator sunglasses for U.S. military pilots. The founders of Randolph Engineering, Inc. were two Polish emigrants to the U.S. after World War II who completed their engineering training in Boston, MA, worked for a while for the American Optical Company and in 1974 started Randolph Engineering, Inc.

The founders believed they could manufacture a better product and over the years perfected both the modern aviators sunglasses design and a manufacturing process which involves more than 200 manufacturing processes, many by hand by skilled craftsmen, to produce aviator sunglasses which exceed the U.S. Department of Defense Mil Spec S-25948J_1984 standards required for military aviator sunglasses.

These very same aviator sunglasses are available to civilians today and are called Randolph Aviators. Over the years they have become more popular and today are offered in a variety frame finishes with the bayonet temples and a choice of non-polarized or polarized sunglasses lenses.

Serengeti Aviator Sunglasses

The Serengeti line of sunglasses, including Serengeti Aviator sunglasses, were originally developed and manufactured by Corning, Inc. of Corning, New York. At first the line was not successful; however, in 1984 the board was convinced to save the brand by Zaki Mustafa. Employing only 52 people, Mustafa increased sales from $ 5M in 1985 to $ 62M by 1992. The brand was later acquired by the Bushnell Corporation.

Serengeti Aviator sunglasses have non-polarized photochromatic lenses change the amount of light transmittance through the lens to your eyes depending upon the strength of the visible light rays striking the lens. The stronger the visible light rays, the darker the lens becomes.

In 1985 Serengeti pioneered the idea of eyewear as serious eye care with the introduction of the Serengeti Drivers lenses which were heralded as the most important development in new sunglasses in decades.

The driver gradient lenses allow anywhere from 10% transmittance of visible light to 18% transmittance of visible light through the lens and to your eye depending upon the strength of the visible light available.
The glass amber colored Drivers lens is ideal for driving and flying because it enhances color and contrast while lightening and darkening to provide optimal light transmission in any condition.

In 2013 Serengeti sunglasses were acquired by ATK Sporting Group of Anoka, MN, a portfolio-based consumer branded products company dedicated to producing top-quality products for hunters, shooting enthusiasts, car aficionados, pilots, military, homeland security and law enforcement agency personnel.

Prescription Aviator Sunglasses

Need prescription aviator sunglasses? We have the solution with our Randolph Engineering Aviator prescription sunglasses which you can get as single vision, bi-focal and with the tint of your choice.

Prescription aviator sunglasses provide 98-100% uv blocking, distortion free visual acuity with a great selection of frame finishes one of which is sure to satisfy you.

Built to last, Randolph Engineering aviator sunglasses frames are an excellent choice for anyone who needs prescription sunglasses.

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