Why airline pilots love Randolph Aviator Sunglasses

Why Airline Pilots Love Randolph Aviator Sunglasses

It is very nice when I hear from Customers about how much they like their new Randolph Aviator Sunglasses.

Recently I worked with a new Customer struggling with finding a pair of sunglasses that would protect his eyes. As an airline pilot he needed both protection from harmful UV radiation and the visual acuity his profession required. As an airline pilot, Greg Custer is operating at high altitudes where UV radiation is the strongest.

Here is what Greg said after purchasing a pair of Randolph Aviators from this website:

“Well I finally broke down and got some new sunglasses. I set out with the solitary goal of finding the best UV protection, best optical lenses, least color distortion tint with the best durability. After way too much research I ended up going with Randolph Engineering because they offered the best UVA, UVB and IR light protection. The grey glass lenses have zero color distortion and the clearest optics I’ve ever seen.

I set out to get the best protection I could find fearing the damage caused by long term exposure to elevated UV rays at altitude. After years of exposure I was starting to get somewhat of a snowblind feeling after long days. I was amazed to find these glasses completely eliminated that with less tint as well, I can see objects inside and outside of the cockpit far better. I literally feel less fatigued after a long day of flying

I’ve been flying with them for a month now I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

I wanted to thank John for answering all my questions and making sure I got the best glasses for my application.”

Randolph Aviators Are Standard Issue to U.S. Military Pilots

Since 1978 Randolph Engineering, Inc. has been manufacturing sunglasses in Randolph, MA. In 1982 Randolph Engineering was chosen as the prime contractor for U.S. Military Pilot sunglasses by the Department of Defense. They are still the supplier of aviator sunglasses for U.S. Military pilots. In fact, many foreign military pilots wear these very same Randolph Aviators.

One of the requirements of the DoD is that the sunglasses must meet the Mil-S-25948J_1984 requirements for optical quality, UV protection and durability.

Prescription Randolph Aviator Sunglasses

We can also provide you with prescription Randolph Aviators for those who need prescription eyeglasses and/or sunglasses.

The Randolph sunglasses frames are extremely comfortable to wear and every 50th frame is twist tested to make sure the frame joints will never separate.

The Randolph Aviator prescription frames come with a thin plastic insert so the eye doctor can easily measure for the very best prescription lenses for you.

Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend!

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