Lens Tint vs. UV Blocking

Aviator Sunglasses Lens TintsWhat is the relationship between lens tint vs UV blocking in aviator sunglasses?

We often get questions about the relationship between lens tint and the amount of ultraviolet light (UV) that the lenses block or absorb. Most think that the darker the lens tint the more the UV rays are blocked and the better the protection for your eyes.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it simply is not true! The amount of UV radiation protection sunglasses provide is not related to the color and darkness of the lenses.

The amount of uv radiation that a pair of lenses block or absorb is determined by the lens material and any films applied to the lenses rather than the lens tint. In fact it might surprise you to learn that a pair of clear glass lenses can block a fair amount of uv radiation without any tinting at all! Read more