Crete2Cape Vintage Air Rally

The 2016 Crete2Cape Vintage Air Rally

The Crete2Cape Vintage Air Rally is just about to begin! The rally will start on November 12th 2016 and should take about 5 weeks to complete.

One of the requirements of this rally is for aircraft built before December 31st, 1939. So far aircraft and crews from 12 countries will participate in this rally.

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Randolph Ranger Shooting Glasses

Randolph Ranger Shooting Glasses

If you like to shoot trap, skeet, sporting clays or hunt like my son and I, then you know there is one piece of equipment that is really important – shooting glasses.

A really good pair of shooting glasses will not only protect your eyes but they can also enhance your ability to spot and your target. Read more

Polarized vs Nonpolarized Aviator Sunglasses For Flying

Polarized vs Non-Polarized Sunglasses Lenses

Most airplane cockpit windscreens are at least partially polarized from either built-in polarization or from windscreen heating elements. When you look through a polarized windscreen the world looks normal. But when you look at a polarized windscreen through polarized sunglasses you can get a rainbow effect, a marae pattern if you will, which makes it difficult to see through effectively, and it becomes a potential safety issue. Read more