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7 Tips For Detecting Cheap Aviator Sunglasses

by John M. White |  | 1 comment

There are 7 ways to detect cheap sunglasses other than simply comparing the price of the sunglasses. Even if the sunglasses have a well known logo on them like "Ray Ban" they may be fake sunglasses and that is why they are inexpensive when you look at the price. The danger in purchasing fake or cheap aviator sunglasses is that wearing them outdoors where your eyes are subject to harsh ultraviolet radiation you may injure your eyes or cause them to become diseased. Therefore you need to know the differences between a good pair of aviator sunglasses and fake or cheap aviator sunglasses.

7 Tips For Detecting Cheap Aviator Sunglasses

Below we have outlined 7 tips to help you determine whether a pair of cheap sunglasses you are considering are fake or offer little to no protection. The list is ordered from the most important to the least important factor to consider.
  1. Look on the inside of the temples or under the nose bridge and find the "C E" mark. This mark will guarantee that the sunglasses meet or exceed the European EN 1836:2005 standard for protection;
  2. Feel the plating on the sunglasses frame. It should have a clear smooth coating over the top of the frame finish plating and feel smooth to the touch. If not it will be subject to scratching and discoloration over time;
  3. Glass lenses are the best because the lenses can be precision ground to provide maximum visual acuity. Feel the lenses and if they are cool to the touch they are most likely glass lenses;
  4. Feel the weight of the sunglasses. If they are very light they probably have plastic lenses and are either fake or cheap sunglasses;
  5. Look on the inside of the temples or under the nose bridge to see if any manufacturing information is present. Usually there will be the lens size, temple length and the "C E" mark stamped on a quality pair of sunglasses;
  6. Look at the logo on the sunglasses to see if it is misspelled or looks funny. If so you can be sure they are fake cheap sunglasses;
  7. If you suspect the sunglasses are cheap sunglasses or fake name brand sunglasses scratch the inside of the lens and see if the coating peel off easily. If so they are fake cheap sunglasses;

What Are Quality Sunglasses?

A quality pair of sunglasses will meet certain performance standards like:
  • Glass lenses precision ground to be distortion free;
  • Block 98 to 100% of harmful ultraviolet radiation light rays;
  • Have frames made of a metal other than steel which will corrode and rust;
  • Have a clear coat finish applied over the frame plating to protect the finish for long wear;
  • That have a substantial frame to avoid bending and breaking;
  • That come with the "C E" mark;
  • That have a good manufacturer's warranty.

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