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Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses Bayonet Temples

by John M. White |

Bayonet temples are those side fold out pieces that go back over your ears and hug the side of your head. It's interesting to hear people when they call me and ask about those "straight back side thingies"! Most people don't really understand the nomenclature of the parts of a pair of sunglasses. Mostly they talk about the lenses - which are important, of course - however, if the frame falls apart then the lenses are of little use. So it pays to understand a bit about temples in general, and bayonet temples in particular.

What Do Bayonet Temples Look Like?

Randolph Engineering Bayonet Temples Note the curve at the end of the straight part of the temple. This is what holds the sunglasses frame securely on your head. But we always get a lot of questions about them:

    Standard Issue For Military Pilots

    These temples are standard issue on the sunglasses issued by the government to military pilots. The U.S. Department of Defense has defined exactly what kind of sunglasses they want for their pilots in a document called Mil-S-259485-1984. In this document you will see that among other things they determine exactly how the sunglasses frame is to be configured. And of course what type of temples to provide.

    Randolph Engineering Bayonet Temples

    Check out this video showing how Randolph Engineering tests their bayonet temples for durability: So, now you know a lot about these temples and what they are good for. Check out all of our aviator sunglasses with them in the Randolph Engineering section of our Shop. In the meantime, keep your wings straight and level Hersch!

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