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How The Best Sunglasses Frames Are Made

by John M. White |

In an earlier post I outlined how the 18% nickel silver eye wire was pulled off of a spool and sent through a lens wireframe machine which both cut the wire and shaped it as well. The shaped eye wire parts are dropped into a container, sorted and then sent to the soldering stations in the plant.

The Best Sunglasses Frames

Randolph Soldering StationIt is at these soldering stations that workers take the frames, place them on a jig, and then solder them together to make the sunglasses fronts. On the right you can see what one of these jigs looks like. Once the parts are placed into the jig and conform to the desired shape the joints are soldered together to make a complete sunglasses frame front into which the lenses will be slipped during a later stage of the process.

A Lifetime Solder Joint Guarantee

In order to make such a bold guarantee Randolph Engineering must make sure that the solder joints will be extremely strong and can withstand the kind of use pilots will put the Randolph® Aviator sunglasses through. Because commercially supplied solder was not good enough to meet Randolph Engineering standards, Randolph produces its very own solder for joining the parts together. In this way Randolph can be certain that the sunglasses frames will remain intact even under extremely heavy use.

The "Infamous" Randolph Twist Test

Randolph Engineering Twisted Frame Test Every 50th pair of Randolph sunglasses are subjected to a "twist test" where the frame is twisted 180 degrees upon itself in order to insure solder joint integrity. In this way Randolph® Engineering can be sure that the product will meet the durability and strength requirements demanded by their Customers. While there are many other aviator sunglasses sold in the U.S., these Made in the USA Randolph Aviator sunglasses are far superior to their competitors for fit, finish and performance. And in addition, no one stands behind their products better than Randolph Engineering - no one! Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend!

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