Are Glass Lens Sunglasses The Best?

The reason for this is the perceived weight difference between the three different lens materials; however the weight difference is hardly noticeable and become less so shortly after you start wearing glass lens sunglasses. In the image to the left you can see how a pair of glass sunglass lenses start.

A Frank Opinion

In an article on WEAR ABC 3 in Pensacola, FL had a video interview with Gary Finch of Gary Finch Outdoors part of which is printed here:
And you know a lot of people ask me about what kind of sunglasses I wear. Do I wear different sunglasses? Do I wear different lenses? How do I clean mine? Let's go over a few things. (Joe) Sure. Well obviously before I got into the sunglass industry, I was like every other guy out there. I thought I needed dark sunglasses. Sunglasses should be dark on my eyes. If you are in the sun, put dark sunglasses on. As you get into the industry you find there are specific sunglasses designed for different purposes. That lens is designed to let in 28% of the light. So it's very bright, but it still reduces the problem to your eyes in the bright sun. It allows you to get a lot of pop. It's an excellent shooting lens. If we were going offshore fishing today, it would be extremely bright light conditions. Both of these would work as sunglasses, however you would get more tired, more quickly wearing that one than you would mine. (Gary) What are the great things about glass? (Joe) Glass is the sharpest optics you can wear. It's also very scratch resistance. However, you drop it on concrete, you may have pretty poor results. (Gary) I've done that! I've done that before. (Joe) Now the advantage of a plastic lens like this one here in your hand is that if you do scratch theses lens to the point where you are no longer comfortable, you can just change the lenses out. So now you can buy new lenses, and pop them right in. (Gary) Oh. Cool. Just like that. (Joe) Any of the bronze or amber based lenses are better for fresh water fishing. Whether it's a copper lens or a bronze lens. What I like about this one is it's a copper lens, but it's got a blue mirror coating on it which makes it about 2% darker. So it still lets you see with the brightness of a copper lens into the water, but it reflects with a little bit more light for you so you get that 2% darkness, so you don't get as tired fishing all day long.

Understanding Lens Materials

Whatever sunglass lens material you are considering there are some things you should think about before you choose. There are at least 4 categories of sunglass lens materials:
  1. Glass has superior optical visual acuity, resists scratching best but is slightly heaver than other choices. Glass is somewhat more expensive but will not chip or shatter;
  2. NXT Polyurethans is very impact resistant and has excellent optical clarity, is flexible and lightweight; however, it is very expensive;
  3. Polycarbonate lenses also have excellent impact resistance and good optical clarity, are lightweight and inexpensive; however, they scratch easily and don't hold tints well;
  4. Acrylic lenses are very cheap but are best for casual or occasional use because they are less durable and are not as optically clear as glass or polycarbonate.

Video On Lens Materials

Gary Finch On Sunglasses Video

Great Sunglasses With Glass Sunglass Lenses

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