Why Randolph Aviator Mineral Glass Lenses Are Superior

Randolph Aviator sunglasses are made with mineral glass lenses which are precision ground and chemically treated for an impact resistance that exceeds the ANSI Z-803 standards. Exceptionally scratch resistant each lens is manufactured to provide absolute distortion free visual clarity, and are considered by pilots and outdoor enthusiasts alike to be the epitome of sunglasses technology. Crown mineral glass lenses provide maximum ultraviolet ray protection while keeping your eyes cool and comfortable, even after spending all day in harsh sunlight. Using world-class materials and old fashioned American craftsmanship, Randolph sunglasses lenses are carefully constructed to provide you with the ultimate in visual acuity, comfort and maximum protection for your eyes.

Glass Lens Characteristics

Randolph mineral glass sunglasses lenses have the following characteristics:
  • Only premium mineral glass is used in every glass lens;
  • Each lens is treated to absorb 98 to 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays;
  • Lens tints allow only 12 to 18% of visible light to pass through the lens for maximum wearing comfort;
  • Each lens is specially ground to provide maximum distortion free visual acuity.

Alternative Polycarbonate Lens Characteristics

Each pair of polycarbonate lenses are made from the same material as used in the famous Randolph shooting eyewear, and have the following characteristics:
  • Only optical grade polycarbonate material is used;
  • The lenses are extremely lightweight;
  • The lenses are highly impact resistant;
  • Lenses provide 100% distortion free visual acuity;
  • Each lens provides maximum ultraviolet light protection.
These polycarbonate lenses have been tested with 12-gauge shotgun blasts and sledgehammer blows, leaving only scratches or dents in the lenses.

Mineral Glass Lenses Tints

As you consider your Randolph sunglasses purchase keep in mind the following information about lens tints:
  • Gray provides absolute color reception and has been time tested by the U.S. military for visual clarity, uv protection and maximum comfort;
  • Gray flash mirror lenses combines the gray lens tint with a subtle mirror coating for glare reduction and style;
  • Tan works exceptionally well on overcast days for maximum protection and contrast;
  • AGX lenses have a slight green tint which selectively filters the color spectrum to make the color transmittance curve of the lens closely resemble the curve of the eye. This makes the eye's focusing system largely keyed to the green wavelengths of the light spectrum;
  • Polarized gray is the ultimate tint for extremely bright conditions and glare reduction.
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