How Important Is Sunglasses Lens Color?

[caption id="attachment_2354" align="alignleft" width="300"]Eight Different Sunglasses Lens Color 8 Sunglasses Lens Colors[/caption] When choosing a pair of sunglasses for yourself how important is the color of the sunglasses lenses? As it turns out choosing a sunglasses lens color based upon fashion look is not the best way to choose. First, many people choose sunglasses based upon the darkness of the sunglasses lens, assuming that the darker the lens the better the sunglasses lens will block those harmful ultraviolet light rays. Foolish thinking! Ultraviolet radiation is not in the visible light range; in other words your eye can not see ultraviolet radiation rays!

Sunglasses Lenses Color Is Important

Sunglasses lenses colors can also be termed sunglasses lens tint, but most of us think about it in terms of color. For most of us one pair of sunglasses is not adequate considering the varied light conditions we encounter while outdoors or driving. As visible light rays enter the sunglasses lens it is modified depending upon the sunglasses lens color itself. For example, a sunglasses lens color of green will highlight the color green as you look through the lens, making green objects sharper and more distinct.

Tan Sunglasses Lenses

[caption id="attachment_2361" align="alignright" width="120"]Tan Sunglasses Lens Color Tan Sunglasses Lens Color[/caption] The tan sunglasses lenses color works exceptionally well for you if you need eye protection on overcast days. This tint will cut off the blue light waves in the visible light spectrum thus increasing visual acuity and contrast. The tan sunglasses lenses color also performs very well in low light conditions, haze and fog. It is a great choice for pilots, skiers, fishermen and others needing improved visual acuity in low light, haze and fog conditions.

AGX Or Green Sunglasses Lenses

[caption id="attachment_2360" align="alignright" width="120"]AGX or Slight Green Sunglasses Lens Color AGX or Slight Green Sunglasses Lens Color[/caption] AGX sunglasses lenses color has a slight green tint which selectively filters the visible light color spectrum to make the color transmittance through the lens closely resemble the curve of the eye. The eye's focusing system is largely keyed to the green light wavelengths of the visible light spectrum and by adding the green tint to the sunglasses lens your vision will stay sharp longer, eye fatigue will be eliminated and color contrast is improved. This sunglasses lens color is excellent for driving, flying and bright sunlight conditions.

Gray Flash Mirror Sunglasses Lenses

[caption id="attachment_2363" align="alignright" width="120"]Gray Flash Mirror Sunglasses Lens Color Gray Flash Mirror Sunglasses Lens Color[/caption] While neutral gray sunglasses lenses color is the best all around choice, the gray flash mirror sunglasses lens color combines the best features of the neutral gray lens color with a subtle mirror coating for glare reduction. In addition, your may find the gray flash mirror lens color a great fashion statement as well. You have all seen motorcycle policemen or pilots wearing this sunglasses lens color, and noticed that the lenses reflect whatever they are looking at right back at you.

Neutral Gray Sunglasses Lenses

[caption id="attachment_2364" align="alignright" width="120"]Neutral Gray Sunglasses Lens Color Neutral Gray Sunglasses Lens Color[/caption] Gray, or neutral gray, is the absolute best when it comes to true color reception. Time tested by U.S. Military pilots and NASA astronauts, these lenses allow all colors to come through the lens without any color distortion. This results in hours of eye comfort for you whether driving long distances, flying or just everyday general use while outdoors. No doubt the neutral gray sunglasses lens color should be the first choice of sunglasses lens color no matter the conditions under which they will be used.

Vermillion Sunglasses Lenses

[caption id="attachment_2368" align="alignright" width="120"]Vermillion Sunglasses Lens Color Vermillion Sunglasses Lens Color[/caption] The vermillion sunglasses lens color is very good for color perception in low light conditions. It will contrast objects, particularly against blue and green backgrounds like sky or trees, making it a great choice for shooters or skiers. Sometimes this lens color is called dark rose, and is a very popular color for googles like those worn by skiers.

Yellow Sunglasses Lenses

[caption id="attachment_2369" align="alignright" width="120"]Yellow Sunglasses Lens Color Yellow Sunglasses Lens Color[/caption] The yellow sunglasses lens color is known for providing excellent depth of field perception and contrast in low light conditions. This is a favorite color for shooting glasses because of depth perception and contrast quality of the lenses.

Orange Sunglasses Lenses

[caption id="attachment_2371" align="alignright" width="120"]Orange Sunglasses Lens Color Orange Sunglasses Lens Color[/caption] Orange lenses heighten contrast in overcast, hazy, low-light conditions outdoors or for indoor sports. It also will filter out blue light waves for a sharper focus. Orange colored sunglasses lenses are great for sports like cycling, hunting, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, indoor basketball, handball, racquetball, tennis.

Purple Sunglasses Lenses

[caption id="attachment_2372" align="alignright" width="120"]Purple Sunglasses Lens Color Purple Sunglasses Lens Color[/caption] For many the choice of purple for sunglasses lenses is a fashion statement, particularly for women. However, for men and women who enjoy the shooting sport a purple lens color is useful because it is good for all light conditions, darkens background and enhances target dramatically. Best in bright light. You can learn more about shooting sunglasses lens colors at L+M Lenses.

More About Sunglasses Lens Color

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