What Are The Best Shooting Glasses Lens Colors?

Which shooting glasses lens colors are the best for you?

Shooting Glasses Lens Colors

In order to find out we found found some information an optician who works for Randolph Engineering by the name of Frank Robertson provided in a talk about the 17 different shooting glasses lens tints offered by Randolph for their shooting frames. No doubt many of us may be confused why so many different lens colors and why would we need them? Are they offered just to add to the bottom line for Randolph Engineering, or are there really some good reasons for all of these shooting glasses lens colors? Actually, it turns out that most shooters only need a few different lens tints which will serve their needs.

What Kind Of Shooting Do You Do?

For our family we engage in two different kinds of shooting: skeet, trap, sporting clays and rifle/pistol target practice. Some of our friends, however, enjoy game shooting of ducks, geese and other game animals. The important point is that the kind of shooting you do will have a lot to do with what shooting lens colors are best for you.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!

The basic principle is that the most important factor is the lighting conditions you shoot in, and what kind of background you shoot against. Hunters will find themselves shooting for the most part with a green background of trees and brush, while target shooters will shoot with a darker background (even outdoors). Sport shooters will find varied sky lighting conditions and lots of different backgrounds. So when you are considering the lens tints that will work best for you the first step is to think about where you shoot, local light conditions and the backgrounds you shoot against. This will narrow your choices down to just a few colors that will work well for you.

Basic Shooting Glasses Lens Colors

Whether you are a pro of a novice there really are only 3 (three) basic lens tints you will need:
  1. For bright days a Dark Purple or CMT ColorMag lens color will work best;
  2. For cloudy days a Vermilion lens color works best;
  3. For low light days a Medium Yellow will work best.
For the lowest possible light a Pale Yellow lens color will work best. This means that a basic 3 lens kit will cover most lighting conditions and work best for most shooters.

High Definition Lens Colors

In recent years Randolph Engineering opticians have found that different pigmentations work for different lighting conditions and have created a scale of densities ranging from very light to medium to dark lens colors. So it really comes down to the lighting conditions you are shooting in. Recently these opticians have developed a series of HD, or High Definition, lenses which work will not only for hunters but also sport shooters as these lenses will highlight the orange targets better. They provide great contrast and definition and really make the orange target "pop out" against any background. As a result Randolph has achieved a real advancement with their High Definition lenses.

Sunglasses Catalog

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