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Randolph Ranger Shooting Glasses

by John M. White |

If you like to shoot trap, skeet, sporting clays or hunt like my son and I, then you know there is one piece of equipment that is really important - shooting glasses. A really good pair of shooting glasses will not only protect your eyes but they can also enhance your ability to spot and your target.

Shooting Glasses

So how do you know what is and is not important when choosing a pair of shooting glasses? In this post we are going to discuss what we fell are the most important things to consider when making that decision. In our opinion lens material is one of the most important considerations, followed closely by the comfort of the shooting frame that holds the lenses. Shooting glasses lens materials, lens colors and lens impact resistance ratings should be the most important considerations for any shooter. Shooting glasses frames that hold the lenses can come in different sizes, materials and with different arms (temples) that fit over your ears. The better frames will allow you to quickly change the lens you are using as circumstances like changing light conditions. While there are a lot of shooting frames and lenses available on the market today, it is important to make a choice that will work for you. After trying a lot of different shooting glasses we have found that for us Randolph Engineering Ranger Shooting glasses are the very best for frame comfort and lens optical quality.

Ranger Shooting Glasses Frames

Randolph Engineering, the manufacturer of the Ranger line of shooting glass frames, has co-designed their frames with the shooting industry's leading opticians to create designs that will maximize comfort and offer a wide choice in styles. The shooting frames are made of 18% nickel silver alloy with adjustable nose bridge and arms allowing for a custom fit. In addition you can find a Randolph Ranger model with different arms (temples) like bayonet temples (they go straight back over your ear but don't curve down), skull temples (just like a normal pair of glasses) and cable temples (which curve over, behind and under your ear) which will stay on your head no matter where you are looking. Randolph Engineering shooting frames all come with a lifetime solder joint warranty, which means should the frame ever break simply return it to Randolph Engineering and they will either repair or replace your frame free of charge. If you need prescription lenses Randolph Engineering provides two solutions: the XLW frame can be outfitted with a semi-rimless prescription insert, or the Sporter frame can hold your prescription and the colored shooting lens clip-on over the prescription lenses.

Ranger Shooting Glasses Lens Materials

When shooting protecting your eyes is one of the most important things you need to do, so the shooting lens material is by far the most important consideration when choosing your shooting glasses. It is easy to find any number of shooting glasses on the market today ranging from inexpensive (cheap) to more expensive shooting glasses. It is very important to understand that some shooting lenses are made from plastic; however, to be considered true shooting lenses they must meet the American Standards Institute ANSI Z78.1 standard certification. This certification is the most important thing to look for in shooting glasses. This certification will assure you that the lenses have met or exceeded the testing and performance requirements for lenses to protect your eyes and face from injuries due to impact.

Randolph Engineering NexPC Shooting Glasses Lenses

In January of 2011 Randolph Engineering introduced a new shooting lens material called NexPC, or the next evolution of polycarbonate lenses. This new shooting glasses lens material is 5 to 6 times more impact resistant than standard polycarbonate lens material. These new NexPC polycarbonate lenses are light weight, durable, impact and scratch resistant which makes it perfect for shooting glasses. This why our family chooses Randolph Engineering Ranger frames and lenses for us.

Ranger Shooting Glasses

If you are into clay, trap, game and sport clay shooting then these Randolph Engineering Ranger Shooting Glasses are an excellent choice. Randolph Ranger Shooting Glasses frames come in 5 different styles, one of which is sure to be perfect for you. Click on any of the images or links to be taken to a page where you can learn more about these excellent shooting frames.
1. The Ranger XLW Frame - Randolph Engineering Ranger XLW Frame;
2. The Ranger Edge Frame - Randolph Engineering Ranger Edge Frame;
3. The Ranger Falcon Frame - Randolph Engineering Ranger Falcon Frame;
4. The Ranger Falcon Pro Frame - Randolph Engineering Ranger Falcon Pro Frame;
5. The Ranger Sporter Frame - Randolph Engineering Ranger Sporter Frame.

Choosing Different Lens Colors

Some lens colors will provide improved contrast and heightened visual acuity allowing you to see the target more clearly while blocking haze and blue light. For example, Amber or Brown lenses are good for blocking blue light on a cloudy day, while amber lenses will improve both depth perception and contrast. Yellow or Orange lenses improve contrast and provide a heightened sense of visual acuity and are especially good for low light conditions. Purple and Vermillion lenses enhance the orange targets, especially where there is a background full of trees.

Frame Fit

Usually any discomfort comes from a poor frame fit depending upon whether the frame is rigid or flexible, and whether or not the nose bridge can be adjusted. The arms (temples), the pieces that go back over your ears, can also impact how the frame feels on your head. Bayonet temples are usually the most comfortable and slip easily on and off your head; however, the frame may fall off your head if you look down quickly. Skull temples are just like a normal pair of glasses and usually remain in place without any problems. Cable temples are the kind of arm that goes over your ear, down the backside of the ear and then curves forward under your ear. This type of temple is great for anyone who moves their head a lot and does not want to take a chance of the frame falling off their head. While it is the most secure temple, it can also cause ear discomfort for some shooters.

If You Have Questions

If you have any questions be sure and give us a call at 1 (866) 440-2461 or send us an email at and we will respond as soon as possible. Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend! p.s. Please share "Bayonet vs Skull Aviator Temples For Sunglasses" with your friends. Thanks!