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AO Eyewear Unboxing

by John M. White |

The correct name for American Optical Sunglasses is AO Eyewear, and here are the AO Eyewear changes for 2018. The AO Eyewear brand has suffered in recent years primarily because of business decisions made early on when the sunglasses business was purchased from the American Optical Company. The American Optical Company was the original manufacturer of glasses in North America. It was located in Southbridge, MA. Currently AO Eyewear offers to styles of sunglasses. The Generals are similar to Ray Bans and have that iconic tear drop shaped lenses. Original Pilot sunglasses are patterned over the earlier Flight Goggle 58 model. They have the current rectangular shaped lenses.

AO Eyewear Packaging

Packaging for the AO sunglasses has not changed a lot over the years. However, recently the company decided to improve the quality of the carrying case. Presently the carrying case is a nice black leatherette carrying case with a snap top. This replaces the original vinyl carrying case. AO Eyewear Soft Carrying Case The carrying case is quite soft and very comfortable in your hand.

Unboxing A Pair Of AO Original Pilots

Recently I unboxed a pair of Original Pilots and here is a video of the unboxing:

AO Price Increase

Along with the change in the carrying case AO has updated their pricing. The price increase may seem dramatic, in particular because the wholesale cost has gone up substantially. In addition AO is only selling to authorized dealers who maintain the pricing increase. Given the prices of competing sunglasses and the improved quality with manufacturing here in the US this price increase makes sense. Check out all of the AO sunglasses on our website in our store. Until next time keep your wings straight and level Hersch!