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What Do Bank Robbery And Sunglasses Have In Common?

by John M. White |

But what are the best sunglasses if you are into bank robbery? A quick review of search results shows that one of the more popular accessories used by bank robbers are a pair of sunglasses, the darker and larger the better. The question is does wearing a pair of sunglasses when robbing a bank really help?

Man Wearing Sunglasses Robs Bank

In a March 7th, 2014 article it turns out that this guy did want to commit bank robbery wearing sunglasses; the problem is he didn't wear them when he was at the teller station! You can see the image of this idiot in the photo above. Here is an excerpt of the article by April Hill titled "Man wearing fedora and sunglasses robs bank":
Tulsa police were called to the IBC Bank near 21st and Yale Friday afternoon just before 2:00. Officers say a robber wrote down his note for the teller at the center island inside the bank. The suspect approached the teller and handed over the note that implied he had a weapon. Police say the teller complied with the robbers demands. He then grabbed the money and took off on foot.

Bank Robbers With Sunglasses Caught On Video

Not Just Men

It's not just men who are bank robbers, there are even some women who engage in bank robbery. For example, here is some information on a Muslim women who is alleged to have robbed 5 banks wearing sunglasses in an article titled "new-jersey-century-savings-bank-in-south-painfield-has-now-become-sharia-compliant":
A 23-year-old Minnesota MUSLIM woman is accused of holding up five banks in three weeks, hiding her face under a hijab and big sunglasses. Ranya Al-Huthaili, of Roseville, was charged on September 12 with robbing the Dairy State Bank in Menomonie, Wisconsin – the last of the string of heists she’s allegedly behind beginning August 15. The Saudi-U.S. woman was arrested on September 9 at Rosedale Shopping Center, after FBI agents traced marked notes she was handed at the Menomonie branch to her home. According to court documents in the Menomonie heist, Al-Huthaili gave the teller a note that read, ‘I have a gun.’ She allegedly demanded money and the teller gave her $2,350, which included ‘bait bills’ that are marked so police can easily trace them, the Star Tribune reported.

We Don't Sell Sunglasses To Bank Robbers

Needless to say we have no desire to sell any sunglasses to someone planning to rob a bank, but have no way to stop them from using one of our sunglasses for such nefarious purposes. by John White

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