Best Cloudy Day Lens Tint

What is the best lens tint for cloudy days?

Cloudy Days

Ah yes, we all love those crisp, clear blue sky days - but what about those cloudy days? I live in Michigan, so cloudy days are not uncommon. And when they occur I notice that my sunglasses with the usual neutral gray lenses don't provide the best visual acuity for me. In fact, I sometimes have to squint on those cloudy days to see everything as clearly as I would like. So the question arises - what is the best lens tint for cloudy days? The Best Lens Tint For Cloudy Days Of course we all love the fact that we can get sunglasses with almost any color imaginable, but is the lens tint more important on cloudy days? Yes, it is.

The Best Lens Tint For Cloudy Days

One of the problems we encounter on cloudy days is that everything is muted in terms of it's color and definition. It turns out that lens tint has a significant impact on the colors we see and the definition of what we are looking at. So we need a pair of sunglasses that have lenses tinted with a color that will enhance contrast thereby improving both the color of objects we are looking at and their definition as well. That color is brown or tan.

AO Original Pilot Tan Lenses

While we offer a wide range of sunglasses on our website one of our favorites are AO Eyewear Original Pilot sunglasses. And it so happens that they offer a nice pair of Original Pilot sunglasses with tan glass lenses in a couple of colors: Cosmetan Brown and High Contrast Amber. Either color will significantly improve contrast and deliver excellent visual acuity! You can find them on our website at: Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend!

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