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Best Hazy Day Lens Tint

by John M. White |

What is the best hazy day lens tint? We love to answer questions our Customers ask us, and one of the most common is the best hazy day lens tint.

Hazy Days

Hazy days are typically those days in the summer when its warm and sunny and a haze hangs over the ground. Usually the haze appears in the morning, but more likely in the afternoon. I always noticed it when I would take a late afternoon flight in my wife's Piper Cub, or a sail on Gull Lake in the summer. It is important to wear sunglasses whenever you are outdoors. UV radiation is always present.

Hazy Day Lens Tint

Lens tint has nothing to do with uv protection, but it is important when it comes to visual acuity. Visual acuity is all about how clearly you see things through your sunglasses. Tan or brown lenses will enhance contrast so when you encounter haze a good pair of tan lens sunglasses will serve you well. Most sunglass manufacturers offer sunglasses with tan lenses, but there is more to consider than just the lens tint. The UV protection is one consideration, the other is the lens material. Glass lenses can be ground more precisely so they will provide the very best visual acuity. There will be no distortion in the lenses, not even at the very edges. In addition glass lenses tend to keep your eyes cooler. Randolph Aviators We recommend Randolph Aviator sunglasses with tan lenses for those hazy days. You can find them on our website at: Be sure and take advantage of our discount code "rediscount" when you order. Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend! p.s. Please share "What Is The Best Hazy Day Lens Tint For Your Sunglasses?" with your friends. Thanks!

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