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Cheap Sunglasses vs Expensive Sunglasses

by John M. White |

Some sunglasses purchases are impulse purchases - you are walking through your local drug store or super store and see a rack of sunglasses priced around $10-$15 and they look cool. But do you really want to buy a pair or are you wasting your money? The answer isn't simple.

What Do You Want The Sunglasses For?

This is where it gets tricky. If all you are looking for is a nice pair of inexpensive sunglasses that will look good on you and if they get lost or broken you don't care, then an inexpensive pair of sunglasses might work well for you. However, you do need to consider at least this:
  • How good is the uv protection?
Almost all sunglasses lenses will provide some uv protection, but to be sure always check for the UV400 label, or at least a statement as to what the uv protection is for the sunglasses.

Do You Want Them To Last?

If you want to make sure you get value for the money you spend, then perhaps buying cheap sunglasses vs expensive sunglasses requires a little bit more thought. Some of the questions you might ask yourself are theses:
  1. How long do I want these sunglasses to last?
  2. Would I be upset if I lost them?
  3. Do I want to be careful with the sunglasses and protect the lenses?
  4. How often am I willing to replace my sunglasses?
  5. Do I care if the sun warps the sunglasses?
Sunglasses are a commodity and they are everywhere and you can always pick up another pair of cheap sunglasses quickly. Not so easy with a quality pair of sunglasses.

Expensive vs Cheap Sunglasses

So why would you buy a pair of expensive sunglasses? Well, I can think of a few reasons:
  • They will last longer;
  • The frames are more substantial - won't bend or twist from the heat from the sun;
  • They will fit better;
  • They have better lenses - distortion free, and if glass they keep your eyes cooler;
  • The frames won't turn green from the oil on your skin;
  • They usually come with accessories like a carrying case, a micro fiber cleaning cloth and more.
  • Are they worth $ 500 or more? Only if you have a lot of spare cash that you don't need to save.


    Any time you purchase something based on price always remember you usually get what you pay for. That being said the cheap sunglasses vs expensive sunglasses argument comes down to what you want to accomplish with the sunglasses and how much do you care. You can find some interesting information on our website about lens tints, lens construction and frame construction that may help you better understand the value of a quality pair of sunglasses.

    Sunglasses I Recommend

    I know - I sell these on the website but the truth is a have several pairs, love them and wouldn't give them up for anything!

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