How To Adjust Sunglasses Frames

Metal Frames

Today most high quality sunglasses have metal frames, typically made of 18% nickel silver eyewire. You will find them in most aviator sunglasses like Randolph Aviators, AO Original Pilot, Serengeti and Scheyden aviator sunglasses. On metal frames there are a couple of areas on the frame which can be adjusted. The first is the temples, or arms, in the back where they fit over your ears. They can easily be bent to fit better behind your ear. Use a hair dryer to gently heat up the temple until it feels moist, and then you can bend it quite easily. This will change the curve of the temple tips to fit either more snug or more loose, depending upon what feels best for you. The second area that can be adjusted are the nose pads. You might want the frame to sit higher up or lower down, and this is accomplished by adjusting the nose pads. Using simple needle nose pliers by grabbing the nose pad holder and bend it in or out. If you want the frame higher on your face then bend it in; if you want the frame lower bend it out. The closer the nose pads together the higher the frame will be on your nose and face; the further apart the lower the frame will be. Third, if the frame sits cockeyed on your face then place the frame on a flat surface and look and see if both temples lay flat on that surface. If one of the temples does not touch the surface then it needs to be adjusted so that it will lay flat with the other temple. You can use your hands or the needle nose pliers to bend the temple at the hinge attachment point; however, if you do use needle nose pliers then be sure to use some cloth to protect the frame finish from being damaged.

Plastic Frames

You can bend any part of a plastic frame by simply using your hair dryer to warm the frame up and then bend it to make the frame fit as you want on your face. You can bend the temples, temple tips, frame front or any other part that looks odd or needs adjustment. Over time plastic frame temples tend to bend outward, so use your hairdryer on the corner where the hinge is, heat it up, bend the temples back into position and then soak in cold water to set the change. And that is how to adjust sunglasses frames so that they fit right.

Video On Adjusting Sunglasses Frames

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