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How To Clean Sunglasses

How to clean sunglasses and protect yourself from COVID-19

That nasty COVID-19 could easily find a home right there on your glasses/sunglasses!

If you have paid any attention to Drs. Brix and Fauci at all you know that they talk about washing your hands often and well.

Touching your face can happen without you even realizing it. Not only can this cause complexion problems, but it can also bring coronavirus into your body.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends cleaning all “high-touch” surfaces every day, like phones, keyboards and computers.

And, if you wear glasses, you probably know that you often reach up and adjust them. Even if your head is perfect and the sunglasses are a perfect fit!  

The virus can live for three days on plastic and stainless steel, experts say, and is transmitted when we touch a contaminated surface, like pressing your cheek against a phone screen.  

Public health experts say not enough is being done to tackle face touching -- something that could make a very large difference to the transmission of the coronavirus.

According to one study, people touch their face about 23 times an hour.

Stop Touching Your Face

We can help!

Check out our lens cleaning kit to keep your glasses/sunglasses clean all of the time:

Keep Your Glasses and Sunglasses Clean and prevent COVID-19 from infecting you.

You can find the kit here: Lens Cleaning Kit

Stay safe and protect yourself and your family from COVID-19!

How To Keep Your Glasses and Sunglasses Clean

COVID-19 and your sunglasses


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