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Did Douglas MacArthur Make Ray Ban Sunglasses Popular?

by John M. White |

But the story of Ray-Ban sunglasses started much earlier in 1936 when Baush & Lomb for pilots to protect their eyes while flying. The idea was to create sunglasses that would have an area of 2-3 times the area of an eyeball with flexible cable temples to hook behind the ears.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Specifications

The original design had neutral gray lenses and not lenses with a slight green tint. Over time the green tint and tear drop shape of the lenses became the most familiar model of these Rayban sunglasses. The first design featured G-15 tempered glass lenses which allowed 20% transmittance of light through the lens and which had a neutral gray tint. The neutral gray tint provided the truest color transmittance i.e., colors appeared the same as if the Ray-Ban sunglasses weren't being worn. The large lenses had a slight curve to them, had a tear drop shape and were known originally as "pilot's glasses". The acquired the moniker "aviators" because they were originally intended to protect pilot's eyes while flying.

Aviators Arrive With Gen. MacArthur

When General Douglas MacArthur returned to the Philippines by landing on a beach and walking ashore with his Ray-Ban sunglasses firmly in place newspaper photographers snapped his picture which was published all around the world.

Leyte Landing Memorial

Aviator Sunglasses Popularity Surges

By the 1960's the Aviator style of sunglasses became very popular, but later the style changed to the more square shape which is popular today. Get your very own pair of Concorde Sunglasses today - they are better, more durable and more comfortable than the original Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The Real Story Behind Raybans

Well, it is interesting to note that many who think they know the history of aviator sunglasses believe they know how it all started. Problem is, they don't. For example, here is an article that really does not know the history of aviator sunglasses:


0 The Colourful History of Aviator Sunglasses


The truth is they were invented by Ray Ban and originally sold on the Boardwalk. Only later did they become standard fare for pilots flying airplanes.


This video claims to tell you everything you wanted to know about aviator sunglasses:



Once again, the author believes aviator sunglasses were made for pilots originally, but the truth is they weren't. They became popular when actors and actresses began wearing them to protect their eyes from the glare of studio lights.


So, get your history right, folks!
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