Precision Aviator Scheyden Sunglasses For Pilots

So, what do you do? Research sunglass manufacturing world wide, fly to Japan, design world class flip-up aviator sunglasses and enter the precision sunglass business!

A Pilot Needs Some Quality Sunglasses

We all know the pilots love golf, and most golfers love to fly. In 1989 Jeff Herold, inventor/entrepreneur, starts designing golf accessories in Los Angeles, CA. Business grows and takes on a life of it's own. By 1997 traveling to trade shows is taking a toll on Jeff, so he decides to learn to fly. Jeff Herold trained at a flight school at the John Wayne Airport, and one day he took a school check ride. You know how hazy it can get in California, and how much your eyes can hurt landing to the West late in the afternoon staring into the sun. Well, he struggled with the landing - lifting up his sunglasses to see the chart and putting them back on again - long story short Jeff lands long, fails the check ride, and decides enough is enough.

Scheyden Sunglasses Are Born

Frustrated, Jeff decided to design and manufacture his own flip-up sunglasses. He flew to Japan where world class sunglass manufacturers are located, worked with the owner of Sasaki and invented the unique Scheyden Precision Flip-Up series of sunglasses:
  1. Mustang Flip-Up Sunglasses;
  2. Avalon;
  3. Sonoma.
To make things even more interesting, each of these flip-up sunglasses can come with prescription lenses provided by Scheyden! But Jeff was not done yet!

Scheyden Sunglasses - Precision Eyewear For Pilots

Jeff decided to make the most comfortable eyewear for anyone who flies airplanes. The results?
  1. The Avalon wrap aviator sunglasses;
  2. The New C-130 aviator sunglasses;
  3. The Maverick aviator sunglasses (worn by the USAF Thunderbirds);
  4. The sleek Albatross;
  5. The Mustang with it's square aviator frame;
  6. The full wrap Panorama.
And everyone of these precision sunglasses can come with prescription lenses - just ask us for a quote!

The Scheyden Extended Warranty

And for just an additional $ 49.00 you can purchase a warranty that will repair your sunglasses for up to 3 times! Pretty cool, eh?

Listen to Jeff Herold

Here is what Jeff Herold had to say recently:
“Our friends and customers include scores of elite pilots, air racers and aerobatic stars that provide us constant feedback about the optical solutions they want and need inside and out of the cockpit,” says Jeff Herold, company founder and an instrument-rated private pilot. “With the C-130, we’ve added something special by marrying the world’s most exquisite materials with sleek design for superior form and function.”
So if you are looking for a great pair of aviator sunglasses then I encourage you to check out Scheyden Precision Eyewear - you will be glad you did! Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend!

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