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Randolph Engineering Remake 2018

by John M. White |

The Randolph Engineering Remake 2018 brings a fresh new look and improved product design. These Made in America sunglasses set the standard for high quality sunglasses. Randolph Engineering is an iconic sunglasses brand popular because of it's affiliation with the U.S. Military and the unique bayonet temples. I am an Authorized Dealer for Randolph Engineering for many years now and the first dealer approved in 2018. I have had the pleasure of visiting the factory and meeting the key personnel on several occasions. As a truly American Made product Randolph sunglasses have set the standard for quality and innovation. Over the years they have tried to increase sales through traditional outlets like Nordstroms and other big box retailers. This effort was meant to supplement their online presence and military contracts. Since 1982 Randolph has been the prime supplier of sunglasses for U.S. Department of Defense pilots. When I first started with Randolph their product line was very broad offering every version of their sunglasses. They offered different temples (Bayonet, Cable and Skull). There were 5 different frame finishes (23K Gold Plating, Bright Chrome, Gun Metal, Matte Black and Matte Chrome). And there were always 3 different sizes (52mm, 55mm and 58mm). In recent years they have scaled back and limited the types of temples they offer by model disappointing some of their ardent supporters. But change is inevitable. Let's take a look at the Randolph Engineering Remake 2018.

The Randolph Engineering Remake 2018

In early 2018 Randolph made it known that changes were coming, starting with culling out those dealers who did not maintain MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing). The MAP problem is one confronting a lot of companies today because of Amazon who wants to force the price as low as possible to capture as much of a market as possible. The problem with the Amazon model is that it puts the manufacturer in a tough spot. Manufacturing costs inevitably increase year over year and as the retail price falls margins get smaller and smaller. This makes it difficult for a company to continue in business. It also reduces the real and perceived value of the product making product improvements difficult if not impossible.

Randolph 2018 Product Lineup Changes

The next change for 2018 is in the product lineup. Some of the most popular models like the flagship Aviator and Concorde models now come with both bayonet and skull temples. Improvements include the already beautiful frame finishes with better quality and consistency. Randolph grinds and polishes the SkyTecâ„¢ Mineral Glass lenses for distortion-free optical clarity. Furthermore Randolph chemically-tempers the lenses to help resist breakage and scratches. Also Randolph drop tests the lens material with a 5/8" steel ball from 50 inches above to satisfy FDA and ANSI safety standards Nylon lenses now replace the polycarbonate lenses. These Nylon lenses are super light. These new nylon lenses are ideal for performance sports wear in baseball, soccer, biking, tennis and aerobatic aircraft. The have high visual clarity because of the high abbe value of the nylon material. In addition the packaging has been improved with attractive high quality boxing including a genuine leather carrying case and microfiber cleaning pouch.

Randolph Aviators for 2018

The flagship Aviator has been upgraded with improved frame plating processes and a choice of temples. A new locking compound has been added to the screws to prevent backout. This makes it easier to change lenses and temples as necessary. The mineral glass SkyTecâ„¢ lenses continue to provide the ultimate in visual clarity and eye comfort. New packaging for the Aviator includes an upgraded box, genuine leather carrying case and a microfiber cleaning pouch.

Randolph Concorde for 2018

The popular Concorde style sunglasses now come with both bayonet and skull temples. This provides even more choice for this model. As with the Aviator the mineral glass SkyTecâ„¢ lenses continue to provide the ultimate in visual clarity and eye comfort. As with the Aviator the Concorde also comes with an upgraded box, genuine leather carrying case and microfiber cleaning pouch.

Randolph Packaging for 2018

Finally, Randolph redesigned the packaging to highlight the quality of the product and it's relationship to the brand. When you first see the box and open the lid you are immediately presented with a high-end look and the quality jumps right out at you. Randolph's commitment to their brand and product line exudes from the moment you first open your package and see the sunglasses. Randolph Engineering Remake 2018 Packaging

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