Easily Convert Your Regular Sunglasses To Bifocal Sunglasses

You check with your optometrist but it is expensive to have a prescription pair of bifocal reading sunglasses made. Is there another solution? Yes, there is! New Hydrotac Stick On Bifocal Lenses Hydrotac® Stick-on Bifocal Reading lenses are a great way to turn a regular pair of aviator sunglasses into bifocal sunglasses with a pair of bifocal lenses!

Hydrotac Stick-On Lenses

Introducing Hydrotac® stick-on bifocal reading lenses to turn an ordinary pair of sunglasses into a pair of bifocal sunglasses quickly and easily. Hydrotac™ lenses can turn any pair of aviator sunglasses into bifocal sunglasses for reading with just a little water, some patience and perhaps a pair of sharp scissors. Hydrotac® stick-on bifocal reading lenses will turn any pair of sunglasses into great reading sunglasses with magnifying stick-on lenses which have superior visual clarity. Simply take the stick-on lenses, trim (if necessary) and apply to the inside of your sunglasses. These stick-on bifocal reading lenses are great for those who need magnification for their sunglasses that are not already prescription bifocal sunglasses. Hydrotac™ lenses can be trimmed to size with a sharp pair of scissors and positioned anywhere on the aviator sunglasses lens.

Features Of Hydrotacâ„¢ Lenses

  • The lenses are 1.2 inches in diameter;
  • The lenses are made of polymer aspheric material;
  • The lenses are removable and reusable;
  • They come with a molded protective case;
  • They are great for converting an ordinary pair of sunglasses to bifocal reading sunglasses;
  • They are Unisex.

Determine The Power You Need

Simply take our reading bifocal sunglasses strength test. When deciding on what strength you need you will find numbers like theses: 1.25 1.5 1.75 2 2.5 3 Take a test to find the right strength stick-on reading lenses by downloading our Reading Strength Test pdf file to determine the proper strength for you.

How To Purchase

Each pair are $ 20.00 plus shipping, and you can order your pair right here: Hydrotac Stick-On Bifocal Reading Lenses

OPTX 20/20 Stick On Bifocals Video

Get your pair of Hydrotacâ„¢ Lenses today and start reading while enjoying the outdoors tomorrow! Have a prosperous day! p.s. Please share "Stick On Bifocals For Sunglasses" with your friends - thanks!

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