Sunglasses And Face Shape

The 7 Basic Face Shapes

Have you ever considered your face shape when purchasing a pair of sunglasses? Your face shape can significantly change how a pair of sunglasses will look on you. As you can see in the image above there are 7 basic facial shapes which will influence sunglasses and face shape combinations. These 7 basic face shapes are:
  1. Oblong;
  2. Diamond;
  3. Square;
  4. Heart;
  5. Triangle;
  6. Oval;
  7. Round.

The 5 Basic Sunglass Styles

Guide To Sunglass Styles
  1. Aviator;
  2. Cateye;
  3. Clubmaster;
  4. Wayfarer;
  5. Oversized;
  6. Round;
  7. Sport;
  8. Shield;
  9. Novelty.
To further clarify the above sunglass styles the Wayfarer and Clubmaster styles are also known as the Navigator style which look like the current rectangular Randolph Aviator style sunglasses on this website. The Aviator style looks like the Randolph Concorde and Ray-Ban style of sunglasses. The Round sunglass style was made famous by John Lennon and is best represented by the P3 sunglasses which are standard issue to U.S. Navy submariners. The Sport style is best represented by the Bolle line of sunglasses while the Shield style is best represented by the Ranger line of shooting glasses. Cateye sunglasses and Oversized sunglasses are favorites for female fashinistas, while Novelty sunglasses are - well - for anyone feeling a little foolish perhaps?

Sunglasses And Face Shapes

  1. The Oblong face shape would be great for the Concorde or Ray-Ban style of aviator sunglasses;
  2. The Round, Oval and Diamond face shapes would look good with the more square aviators like Navigators, Wayfarers or Clubmaster style sunglasses similar to Randolph Aviators or Scheyden C-130 sunglasses;
  3. The Square face shape lends itself to round frames like the Randolph P3 or Scheyden Avalon sunglasses;
  4. The Heart shaped face would look great with a pair of more square sunglasses like the Randolph Corsair sunglasses;
  5. The Triangle face shape needs curved frames to de-emphasize the facial angles like the Scheyden Avalon sunglasses.
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by John White

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