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How To Make A Fortune With Stolen Sunglasses

by John M. White |

Take this group of 5 who stole high end sunglasses from Lens Crafters stores and then sold the stolen sunglasses on eBay netting them at least $ 580,000 in the process! At least they weren't collecting unemployment in the process!

Who's Minding The Store?

Here are some excerpts from a December 31st 2013 article in the Sun Sentinel by Ihosvani Rodriguez: Theft ring made $580,000 on eBay selling stolen sunglasses, police say
A shady theft ring that targeted eyeglass retailer giant LensCrafters made at least $580,000 from illegal sunglass sales on eBay within 13 months, authorities said. Officials said the group of thieves — most of them from South Florida — hit LensCrafters across the state with distraction thefts, pocketing pricey sunglasses valued as high as $1,000 each. They have conducted at least eight heists in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties and in Central Florida. The first store to be hit was in Boynton Beach on Nov. 18, 2012.
I wonder who was watching the store? They must be really busy at these Lens Crafters outlets!
A detective with the West Melbourne Police Department found the sunglasses on eBay and purchased them from a seller with an account labeled "OANA 1999." Police were then able to trace sunglasses still listed on eBay to the stolen items reported from the stores. In most cases, the glasses still had a unique item tag number. Such tags usually are removed at the register, police said. Police then noted that the glasses were being shipped from Jacobs' home in Hollywood. The eBay account showed it had approximately 2,900 transactions for glasses from April 2012 to May 2013 with a total estimated value of $580,000. Police showed up to Jacobs' home in May. He wasn't expecting them, Hallman said. He was in shock, Hallman said. A search of Jacobs' home found 299 pairs of stolen glasses for an estimated value of $60,000, according to an arrest report. Jacobs told investigators that he had been buying the glasses from Rogers for at least a year at $60 a pair.

The Moral Of The Story

Be careful who you purchase sunglasses from so that you don't wind up with a pair of stolen sunglasses. Always remember the adage "If it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn't true!". Who would have thought eBay wouldn't police itself to prevent thieves from selling stolen sunglasses or other items on their site? If this group of thieves were selling stolen sunglasses on eBay it makes you wonder what other stolen items are being sold on eBay. Have you had any experiences like this? Have a prosperous day! p.s. Please share "How To Make A Fortune With Stolen Sunglasses" with your friends - thanks!