Bayonet vs Skull Aviator Temples For Sunglasses

Bayonet vs Skull Temples Aviator Bayonet vs Skull Temples For Sunglasses[/caption]One question that gets asked a lot is which are better: bayonet or skull aviator temples?

Temples are those arms which are attached to either side of a pair of aviator sunglasses which go from the front of the sunglasses frame backwards on the side of the wearer’s head and over their ears.

The purpose of temples is to hold the sunglasses in place for the wearer allowing them to keep their hands free for other tasks.

Over the years there have been many improvements in aviator sunglasses temples including the material and style of temples offered. Read more

The Best Aviator Sunglasses History Post

Early Basuch & Lomb Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses History

Aviator sunglasses are one of the most sought after, trendy and important fashion accessories to have for everyday use. They are also valuable for protecting your most important sensory asset – your eyes.

But where did they come from and why are they so popular? A little history may help.

There is some confusion regarding the birth of aviator sunglasses, and we are going to correct the record right here and right now! All around the internet you will find articles claiming that the original aviator sunglasses were Ray-Bans, introduced in 1937, and made popular by silver screen stars.

Unfortunately that is a myth and simply not true! Read more

How Important Is Great Customer Service?

How Important Is Great Customer Service?

How Important Is Great Customer Service?

The question is how important is great customer service when buying a pair of sunglasses online?

Purchasing something as important as a good pair of sunglasses online can cause anyone a little heartburn and anxiety. What is the right size, how will they look on me, how quickly can I get them, what if I need to change my order etc. etc. etc. … Read more

How Important Are Mineral Glass Lenses For Sunglasses?

Crown Mineral Glass LensesCrown mineral glass sunglasses lenses are used in high quality sunglasses because of their low refractive index and low dispersion factors.

The refractive index is an indication of how well light can travel through the lens material, and the dispersion factor refers to how light is dispersed through a medium.

The value of these indices provides a way to gauge the quality of the sunglasses lenses used in a pair of sunglasses you may be looking to purchase. Read more

How Important Are Distortion Free Lenses In Sunglasses?

Distortion Free LensesThere are many cases of patients getting a new prescription after a long period of time that involves more dramatic curvature of the lens to correct things like astigmatism or farsightedness.

In some cases it quickly becomes apparent that the new prescription is distorting what you see through the lens. Another case is when you have lenses that have a large amount of curve in them such as wrap around sunglasses.

These wrap around sunglass lenses can cause some distortion making the sunglasses uncomfortable to wear. Read more