Serengeti Medium Aviator Sunglasses

Serengeti Medium Aviator SunglassesSerengeti Medium Aviator sunglasses are an ideal choice for pilots with their Drivers Gradient photochromic lenses which lighten and darken throughout the day to ensure your eyes stay protected no matter what the lighting conditions.

The non-polarized lenses in these Serengeti Medium Aviator sunglasses are ideal for seeing LCD panels inside the cockpit while providing exceptional visual acuity for seeing other aircraft outside the cockpit.

The comfortable monel frames are hypoallergenic, corrosion resistant and malleable combing strength with flexibility to fit your face perfectly under any headgear like headsets, hats or helmets.

The nose pads on these Serengeti Medium Aviator Sunglasses can be adjusted to fit each individual nose bridge comfortably allowing for a snug fit behind the ears.

The Drivers Gradient lens blocks glare from above to provide a clear view of the instrument panel below. Preferred by pilots, these Serengeti Medium Aviator 6826 sunglasses allow you to see detail at a great distance while providing a clear view of the instruments right in front of you.

The Serengeti Ultra-Light glass lenses are a full 20% thinner and lighter and remain the most optically superior lens on the market today. Serengeti lenses are made from only the finest materials providing unsurpassed visual acuity.

The glass lenses are chemically tempered to ensure scratch and impact resistance, the ground to perfection with diamond wheels resulting in a full 20% thinner and lighter lens which is superior to any other lens on the market.

Serengeti Medium Aviator sunglasses have glass lenses which provide distortion free visual acuity while keeping your eyes cool even in the harshest sunlight conditions. The lenses are chemically tempered to ensure scratch and impact resistance, then ground to perfection. Each lens is treated with a unique coating that protects the edges of the lens, all while being monitored by a technician who examines every lens by hand to ensure the highest quality.

Staying true to Serengeti’s commitment to craftstmanship unparalleled attention is given to detail throughout the lens making process.

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