The Solar Impulse 2 Flight Simulator

Solar Impulse 2 Flight Simulator Instrument PanelThe idea to convert sunlight into electricity has generated a lot of interest in solving the world’s energy needs. As a result there are many experiments being run to prove the usefulness of solar power, including the flight of the Solar Impulse 2 solar powered aircraft around the world.

Radition from the sun is used to charge photovoltaic panels which in turn charge batteries which in turn power electric motors to turn propellors and power an aircraft to fly.

Two adventurers, Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, are attempting to fly around the world in a solar powered aircraft called the Solar Impulse 2. Read more

Are You Ready For A Flying Car?

Flying CarSince 1917 when Glenn Cutiss, called the “father of the flying car”, unveiled his aluminum Autoplane there has been an effort to come up with a practical flying car that the public would accept and use.

While an interesting concept the Autoplane sported 3 wings spanning 40 feet and the motor of the car drove a 4-bladed propeller at the rear of the car. The vehicle made a few short hops but never entered production nor caught on. Read more

The Art Of Driving Fast – The Effect Of Car Weight

Weight Distribution For Cars

Production Car Weight Distribution

If you want to drive a car fast then you need to understand the effects of the weight distribution of production cars.

The center of the mass height in relationship to the road will determine load transfer which in turn results in body lean. The lower the center of mass height of the car weight the less body lean. When the tires of your car pull it around a curve the momentum of the vehicle creates load transfer in a direction going fom the vehicle’s present position to a point on a path tagent to the vehicle’s path. Read more

The Art Of Driving Fast In Production Cars

Driving Fast - How to SteerThere are many factors to consider when driving fast in a production car, but the place to start is to understand what factors affect the car’s handling.

When we purchase a car some of the things we think about are how it looks and how fast it will go. This isn’t because we want to race our car, but rather we like to portray an image of being a skilled driver. Look at the aerodynamic design of today’s cars and you will see what I mean.

The clean lines, the sloping roof and the aerodynamic shape of the vehicle. This is even true for those necessity cars like vans and trucks.

After all, our vehicles are an extension of our personality, right? Read more

Spy Sunglasses Company Tweaks The Conservatives

Innovative Sunglasses Advertising

Innovative Sunglasses Advertising

If a story were ever to epitomize the phrase “anal retentive” it’s this one. Sunglass company Spy regularly posts creative billboards on the Pacific Coast Highway that runs through downtown Encinitas near the road that leads to Moonlight Beach.

Apparently their newest billboard, which had no images other than the Spy logo and had just the sentence, “Happy To Sit On Your Face” written in white lettering with a blue backdrop, was too racy for numerous conservative members of the community because of the far reaching sexual implication, even though the obvious message refers to a pair of sunglasses sitting on a person’s face. Read more