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RE Ranger

RE Ranger RIACT A.I.™ Edge Frame Kit

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Regular price $650.00
Regular price $799.00 Sale price $650.00
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RIACT Like Never Before: RE Ranger RIACT A.I.™ low light, mid-light, and bright light lenses were crafted so you can see faster, see further, and see with precision in all lighting conditions and environments.  

True depth perception of the all new RIACT A.I.™ lenses has been accomplished using Artificial intellegence to test and optimize an unlimited number of lens variations.

The use of precious metals brings a color boost of target colors to enhance your focus in your field of view.

With less color saturation you will have a more balanced and natural field of vision.

A reduced Purkinje Effect is accomplished by shifts in lens brightness during low light conditions making it easier to see your target.

These new lenses will allow you to track the target much quicker for a faster reaction time.

You will be able to see the sport as no one else has!

The RIACT A.I.™ Bright Light lens provides you a superior field of view so that you will perform your best in the brightest of lighting conditions. Whether in open fields, the woods, or over water, this lens will shield you from those heavy rays.

The RIACT A.I.™ Mid-Light lens is the most balanced lens for you to use, crafted for use in almost all lighting conditions. This lens will adapt your eyes to the elements, whether sunny, partly sunny, or overcast.

The RIACT A.I.™ Low Light lens will help you in low contrast, low light contrasting conditions. 

All RIACT A.I.™ lenses are AR coated and are crafted from RE Ranger's all-new HD Fusionate materials.

RIACT A.I.™ Bright Light - For bright light conditions, keeps colors natural, highlights orange. LT - 32%.
RIACT A.I.™ Mid-Light - For medium light, partly sunny conditions, keeps colors natural, highlights orange. LT - 52%.
RIACT A.I.™ Low Light - For low light, boosts color in overcast lighting, reduces Purkinje effect, highlights orange. LT - 82%.

Comes With:

  • Frame,
  • RIACT A.I.™ low light, mid-light, bright lenses,
  • a semi-rigid nylon carrying case and a cleaning cloth. 
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