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RE Ranger

Phoenix Sport Sunglasses

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Make sure that you always purchase from an Authorized Randolph Engineering RE Ranger Dealer to make sure your Randolph RE Ranger warranty is valid.

Randolph RE Ranger Marshall Sport Sunglasses are especially designed to be durable and remain in place while playing your favorite sport or outdoor activity.

Phoenix sport sunglasses come either as a single lens or with an interchangeable 3-lens kit for you to take in all environments. Whether on a hunt waiting for the flush, spending a day on the water or out for a hike on your favorite trail our polarized lenses will help you find your moment.

Package includes the RANGER PHOENIX, a microfiber pouch, and a semi-rigid nylon carrying case.

  • 3-lens kit contains: Copper Desert (polarized), Hawk (polarized), and Clearvue lens.
  • Copper Desert: Tan Polarized with Copper Flash Mirror, Hydrocoat BLUZ™ AR - Absolute UV protection, providing protection in sunny and changing light conditions, heightening contrast in blue skies and green/yellow landscapes, which is great for enhancing terrain details.
  • Hawk: Yellow Polarized with Hydrocoat & Bluz™ AR - Yellow highlights surroundings and increases contrast and definition. Excellent for low light, overcast conditions, hunting and fly fishing.
  • Clearvue: Clear with Hydrocoat Green AR - A clear lens that allows in maximum light for clear sharp vision.
  • Chemical & Sweat Resistant Lens Coating

In the meantime, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you Hersch!

RE Ranger Phoenix Sport Sunglasses for anyone who plays sports or enjoys outdoor activies. Thes Phoenix Sport glasses will keep your eyes safe and provide incredible visual acuity.

RE Ranger Phoenix sport sunglasses keep your eyes safe and cool while playing any outdoor sport or activity.

These Phoenix Sport sunglasses are sold through a Veteran ownded and operated store. Support the military with your purchase.

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