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Article: Are Expensive Sunglasses Worth The Money?

Are Expensive Sunglasses Worth The Money?

When it comes to expensive sunglasses most of us would never know how expensive a pair of sunglasses really could be. Take for example the Dolce and Gabbana DG2027B sunglasses which sell for a cool $ 383,609! Apparently when price is no object someone will come up with a product to spend your money on, and sunglasses are no exception. But let's be real - how many pair of these $ 300K + sunglasses are really sold?

Are They Worth It?

The first thing to note is just because they look nice does not mean they are worth the money. After all, the ultimate function of a pair of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun right? So the very first consideration when purchasing a pair of sunglasses should be the technology of the sunglasses because that is where the real value of a pair of shades really is. The technology is important because it will determine exactly how well your sunglasses will perform in their most important role - protecting your most valuable sensory asset - your eyes!

The Problem

The Sun and Expensive Sunglasses Most days whether winter, spring, summer or fall is the sun. Each day the sun sends an incredible number of high energy ultraviolet radiation rays towards the earth. A lot of these uv rays are absorbed by the ozone layer; however, over time the ozone layer has thinned or even disappeared over parts of the earth allowing these dangerous uv rays to reach the planet's surface.

The Danger

The danger is real. Ultraviolet radiation ray wavelengths are outside of the visual light spectrum which means we can not see those uv rays and therefore may be woefully unaware of the danger. You probably have found yourself outside on a hazy cloudy summer day and found you were sun burned even though you never saw the sun. Surprise!


What Technology Is Important?

Clearly the most important technology is the ability of any expensive sunglasses is to block or absorb those harmful ultraviolet radiation rays. There are 3 classes of uv rays depending upon the wavelength of them: UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Add to these there is a danger from "blue light". Blue light is at the very top of the visible light spectrum. Some sunglasses are known as "Blue Blockers" which block out these blue visible light rays which has a tendency to enhance visual contrast and make objects appear clearer. Typically "Blue Blockers" will have yellow, tan or amber tinted lenses.

UV Protection

Regardless of price the ability of a pair of sunglasses to block or absorb these harmful ultraviolet radiation rays should be the most important consideration. The more expensive sunglasses will have the letters "C E" stamped on the frame somewhere which means that the meet the European uv blocking requirements. Typically these sunglasses will block 98 to 100% of the harmful uv rays your eyes may be exposed to.

Visible Light Transmission

The amount of light which passes through the sunglasses lenses and reaches your eyes is called Visible Light Transmission. Measured as a percentage, visible light transmittance is affected by lens tint (color), lens thickness, lens material and lens coatings. The best visible light transmittance percentage is typically between 15 and 25%, but a good pair of the more expensive sunglasses will limit visible light transmittance to 12 to 18%. While photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions by getting darker on bright sunny days and lighter when light conditions are lighter, they are ineffective in cold conditions or when driving a car or flying an airplane. This is because UVB rays will not penetrate the windscreen and make the lenses darken.

Frame Comfort

Expensive sunglasses should have frames that are not only beautiful but also comfortable. They should fit snugly on the nose and over the ears, but should not rub against your ears nor pinch. The frame should distribute the weight of the sunglasses evenly between your ears and your nose, and eyelashes should not contact the frame. Be aware of the different temple styles: Skull (most common), Bayonet (go straight back over your ears) and Cable (curve over, behind and under your ears).

Expensive Sunglasses?

On this website you can find sunglasses that meet all of these requirements, and by comparison should not be considered expensive sunglasses. Ranging in price from $ 129.00 to just over $ 200.00 you should be able to find a pair perfect for you without spending $ 383K! We recommend the Made in America Randolph Aviator sunglasses for the best all-around value and performance. Have a prosperous day! Are Expensive Sunglasses Worth The Money p.s. Please share "Are Expensive Sunglasses Worth The Money?" with your friends. Thanks!

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