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Article: Randolph Sunglasses: It's Not Just A Pair Of Sunglasses

Randolph Aviator

Randolph Sunglasses: It's Not Just A Pair Of Sunglasses

After I sold my aviation insurance business and retired I found that retirement with nothing to do was boring. So, I decided to start an online business in 2005 and began researching what to sell.

As a pilot, one of the things I knew was the importance of a good pair of sunglasses. The higher up in the atmoshpere you are, the stonger ultra violet (UV) rays are.

UV radiation is part of the natural energy produced by the sun. On the electromagnetic spectrum, UV light has shorter wavelengths than visible light, so your eyes can’t see UV, but your skin can feel it, and your eyes can see it even if you can't.

How The Sun Harms Your Eyes

UV radiation can cause serious injury and/or damage to both skin and eyes.

Among the most common eye problems caused by UV radiation are cataracts, macular degeneration, and corneal suburn a/ka Photokeratitis.

What most people do not understand is that whenever you are outdoors, whether sunny or cloudy, UV rays are present and working on your eyes.

Knowing all of this, when it came time to choose products to sell, I naturally looked at sunglasses. My research brought me to what I consider the very best sunglasses for protecting your eyes - Randolph Engineering Sunglasses


On April 3rd, 2015 Randolph Engineering invited us to go behind the door at Randolph Engineering's factory in Randolph, MA, to meet the family and employees, and learn why Randolph sunglasses are so special.

What follows is a great video showing the people and mission behind Randolph Sunglasses.

The Randolph Story Video

The Randolph Engineering Story

Randolph Engineering, Inc. was formed in 1972 by two emigrants who fled Poland at the beginning of World War II. Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski emigrated to the US and met each while working at the American Optical Company in Southbridge, MA. 

Both of them had been engineers at the American Optical Company  working on optical tools and machinery at factory.

Initially the company focused its efforts on designing and manufacturing optical tools and machinery for the eyeglass frame trade based upon advanced engineering principles.

Over time the partners decided to change the focus of the company to manufacturing its own eyewear using the tools and machinery designed and built by the company itself. 

The founders were convinced the consumer deserved a better quality product.

Thus Randolph sunglasses and eyewear came into existence.

In 1978 Randolph starts producing sunglasses for the U.S. military for pilots and submariners.  Since 1982 has been the prime contractor for military sunglasses for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Why Randolph Sunglasses?

The video above explained a lot of the reasons that Randolph sunglasses are so well made, and just like all the other manufacturers they offer a warranty on their sunglasses.

What sets Randolph sunglasses apart, however, is the lifetime warranty on the broken solder joints for the lifetime of the frame. You may say that sounds good, but what you don't know is that many of the veterans and pilots who were issued Randolph sunglasses after 1982 still have their sunglasses - and they still love them!

But, Randolph doesn't stop there! They also offer a Repair Program for their sunglasses that are no longer under the 2 Year Limited Warranty they offer!

Your Randolph sunglasses aren't damaged and don't need to be repaired, but they look a little worn and the gleam has worn off of them, so what now?

Well, for $ 25 you can have your sunglasses get the best tune-up offered by any sunglass manufacturer! Check out Randolph's Tune-Up Service for yourself!  

Wait! That's not all!

You chip or break a lens in your sunglasses - no problem! Lose a screw because your frame became loose - we have them. Someone sits on your sunglasses and bend the temples - no problem! Nose pads get hard and brittle, end tips on your bayonet temples bad, we have them as well.

Whatever you need, we have and can help. 

No matter what happens you can get replacement parts for your sunglasses, even if they are 40 years old! That's right!

You are in the right place! Right here on our website you can find a great selection of Randolph Replacement Parts to keep your Randolph sunglasses looking and working like new!

Customer Service

At Aviator Sunglasses we believe the Customer comes first, and that you deserve personal attention to any questions you have by a real live person, not an AI bot!

So check out our website and see all of the Randolph sunglasses you love and the parts to keep them looking like new.

If you think you would look great in a pair of these aviator sunglasses you can find them on our website at Randolph Aviator Sunglasses.

Until next time, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you, Hersch!

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