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Article: Merry Christmas 2022

Aviation Humor

Merry Christmas 2022

Well, it's been an exciting year, to be sure!

Our base of operation is on the shore of Lake Michigan in North Muskegon, MI, and I just checked how much snow we have.

Just 4 1/2 inches so far, the snow has stopped, a brisk wind is howling through the office, and the temperature is a balmy 6 degrees Fahrenheit! 

Soon Santa will be on his way to fulfill the wishes of all the good boys and girls (not so much the naughty boys and girls)! 

Shortly the year will draw to a close, and we all look forward to the new year; hope springs eternal, and we patiently wait to see what comes next.

Are Pilots Serious People?

As some lounge around the airport waiting area searching for the ever-late aircraft to arrive, we spot pilots (captains with four gold stripes, co-pilots with three gold stripes, and flight engineers with two gold bars.) 

Stewards and flight attendants stroll towards their gate, anxious to get on their way and, hopefully, home for Christmas.

I am a pilot, but only for pleasure these days and not for a living.

My wife is also a darned good pilot, and I had the privilege of teaching her to fly (the most expensive lessons I ever gave anyone :)!

All the pilots I know (and most I have known) are serious about flying their airplanes, but we all love humor, particularly aviation humor!

So what follows are some images showing humor I am sure you will understand and enjoy!

Aviation Cartoons

Image of Santa Claus and an airline racing, causing a little bit of Christmas road rage as the exchange barbs
Christmas Road Rage

 Just before the flight Rudolph and his fellow reindeer prepare their silent protest by eating beans!
Santa's Reindeer Prepare Their Silent Protest

All of us who fly airplanes are apprehensive when someone from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) shows up and says, "Do you have a minute to talk with me?"

Almost every time, it is a sign that we have done something wrong or violated some obscure rule!

If you are involved in building airplanes, it is even more stressful!

See the "FAA Approved Santa Sleight" below:

The FAA Approved Santa Sleight outling all of the FAA requirements for a safe aeronautical device!

As every pilot knows, we must observe the rule "See and be seen!", but sometimes we forget to our own detriment!

Santa impaled on the nose of a commercial airliner!

 I hope you enjoyed these images and that you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you next year!


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