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Article: Scheyden Sunglasses and the USAF Thunderbirds

Scheyden Sunglasses and the USAF Thunderbirds

When Jeff Herold began his journey to develop a line of sunglasses for pilots, little did he know that the USAF Thunderbird flight demonstration team would take such an interest in one of his styles: The Scheyden Maverick pilot sunglasses!  

But, they did, from the ground service personnel to the pilots flying in close formation at air shows around the world.

The Thunderbirds have the privilege and responsibility to perform worldwide, displaying the pride, precision and professionalism of American Airmen.

In every hour-long demonstration, the team combines years of training and experience with an attitude of excellence to showcase what the Air Force is all about.

The Thunderbirds have the honor of representing over 700,000 active duty, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, and civilian Airmen across America and deployed around the world.

So, what makes Maverick aviator sunglasses by Scheyden so special?

The Frame

The beauty and strength of the Maverick sunglass frame is due to the use of Titanium instead of steel in the design and manufacture of the Maverick sunglasses.

The titanium frame is flexible, thin, easy fits under helmets, and will not interact with the pilot's skin causing discomfort and even injury. It won't even be discolored because of body sweat or oils.

Not only is the frame attractive, but it is one of the strongest materials available for making pilot sunglass frames.

The Lenses

Combine an incredible titanium frame with mineral glass lenses that offer unmatched optical clarity with the lowest amount of distortion and you have a great pair of aviator sunglasses!

After all, when flying in close formation at hundreds of mph there is no room for mistakes!

Maverick Sunglasses

Scheyden Maverick sunglasses come in two different sizes, small and large.

The small pair have a 138mm wide Gold Titanium frame and 52mm Bronze tinted mineral glass lenses that are 36mm tall.

The large size has a 142.5mm wide Gold Titanium frame with 54mm Bronze tinted lenses that are 38mm tall.

Thunderbird ground crewman wearing a pair of Scheyden Gold titanium frame sunglasses with mineral glass lenses with opticl clairty and no distortion.
Thunderbird ground crewman wearing a pair of Scheyden Gold titanium frame sunglasses with mineral glass lenses with optical clarity and no distortion.

Until next time, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you, Hersch!

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