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Article: Why Everyone Needs A Pair Of Tan Aviator Sunglasses


Why Everyone Needs A Pair Of Tan Aviator Sunglasses

Best Sunglass Lenses For Winter

Gray or smoke colored lenses are considered the best for everyday use; however, when you are in haze, low light or snowy conditions tan (or brown) lenses provide better contrast making them a great choice for a second pair of sunglasses.


As a pilot I always carry two pair of sunglasses because over the period of a flight I normally encounter different lighting conditions making it imperative that I be prepared and can see everything clearly.

For example, I may be climbing through rain, clouds or haze and need enhanced contrast to spot any other aircraft or dangers around me.

They also come in handy during approaches in weather, making the approach lights and runway easer to see.

I really like the 23K Gold Frame Bayonet Temple version of the Randolph Engineering Aviator sunglasses with tan (brown) lenses in those situations.

They are a great pair of sunglasses with their beautiful, comfortable frame and the crown mineral glass tan sunglass lenses that keep my eyes cool and comfortable no matter how long I am out in the blazing hot sun.

Tan Sunglass Lenses

We are now in the winter months with either bright cloudless days or driving snow.

In either case a really good pair of sunglasses are important for the safety of your eyes and your travels.

Tan sunglass lenses enhance contrast making objects much easier to see in fog, haze or snow.

I have long been a fan of Randolph Engineering Aviators and always have a pair with gray sunglass lenses and a pair with tan sunglasses lenses with me at all times.

Even if you are not a pilot it is still a good idea to carry an extra pair of sunglasses with tan lenses because lighting can change all day long.

While the gray lenses for sunglasses work well most of the time, there are always times of low light or haze where more contrast would be a great help.

Tan Sunglasses Lenses Video

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Randolph Aviator 55mm Tan Polarized Lens Sunglasses

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