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Article: How To Keep Sunglass Screws Tight

How To Keep Sunglass Screws Tight

Those Darn Sunglasses Screws!

I wear glasses with photochromic prescription lenses in a Randolph Aviator frame.

Sometimes when I am driving the sunlight here in Michigan is too bright and I don't want to wait for the lenses to darken. So, I have an extra pair of Randolph Aviators with Gray lenses in a holder on my car's visor.

Yesterday I grabbed them down, put them on and the next thing I knew I was wearing a monocle!

Not good!

Fortunately the loose lens fell into my lap, and the screw stayed hanging on to my frame.

How Sunglasses Screws Are Inserted 

I have toured the Randolph Engineering, Inc. factory a number of times and learned a lot about how their sunglasses are made.

It seems hard to believe, but it takes more than 200 operations to make one pair of sunglasses! 

And many of those operations are by hand.

Here is how they are inserted at Randolph Engineering:

 How Randolph Engineering Inserts Screws Into Sunglasses Frames

How To Fix Loose Sunglasses Screws

 Ok, this is all and well, but how do we fix the problem?

 Your first thought might be just to use some super glue, right?


The screw may never come out again, but what if you need to change the lenses eh?

Not cool!

Another option is to get some Loctite 242 product and use it on the screw, but you have the same problem when it comes to fixing a broken or scratched lens.

Or perhaps your prescription changes and you don't want to waste your money on a new set of frames.

The best choice is to check with your wife (our wives always know the solution, right?).

She is sure to have some nail polish, and this is the best solution.

First, using a small screwdriver tighten the screw and then place a little dab of nail polish over the top of the screw. (a little dabl do, right?)

If the screw keeps coming out after that then simply dip the screw in some nail polish and tighten well.

Viola! Problem solved!

How To Keep Your Sunglasses Screws Tight

How To Keep Your Glasses Screws Tight

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