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Aviation History

Clarence Leonard "Kelly" Johnson, Aircraft Designer Extraordinaire

A Skunk Of A Different Kind!

Aviation history is replete with incredible men and women who brought to life the amazing world of aviation. Among them was an incredible aeronautical engineeer who designed and built some of the m...

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Jacqueline "Jackie" Cochran, Aviatrix Extraordinaire pilot and entreprenuer

Jacqueline Cochran, Aviatrix Extraordinaire! - Part Two

This is the story of an amazing aviatrix who over her aviation career accomplished more than most pilots do in a lifetime. Follow Jackie as she goes from learning to fly in 1932 to starting her own...

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A photograph of Jackie Cochran in 1932 at Roosevelt Field, Long Island, NY from a glass negative

Jacqueline Cochran, Aviatrix Extraordinaire!

Bessie Mae Pittman a/k/a Jacqueline "Jackie" Cochran, hairdresser extraordinaire in Saks Fifth Avenue Stores. Meet one of the most interesting female pilots with a career lasting over four decades ...

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A painting of Ruth Nichols, the Flying Debutante, at the Brazilian National Archives

The Flying Debutante

A privileged young girl learns to fly while attending college, without her parent's knowledge, and becomes famous for setting several world records for women in the 1930s. Discover the famous Flyin...

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How To Tame A Hellcat

How To Tame A Hellcat

The Hellcat was an important Navy fighter aircraft designed to outfight the Japanese Zero, but all the male pilots were already overseas flying. Grumman needed test pilots to test fly these new air...

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Roscoe Turner as narrator for the program "Sky Blazers". Turner was a record breaking American pilot winning the Thompson Trophy air race three times.

Roscoe and Gilmore

In the 1890s budding aviators  built the first piloted gliders with two wings, one wing stacked above the other. But the dream of powered manned flight lived on. The first successful powered aircra...

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