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Aviation History

“MiG Sweep,” by Keith Ferris. Colonel Robin Olds uses a Vector Roll to gain firing position on a MiG-21 fighter.


"Mig Sweep" painting by Keith Ferris This painting is a depiction of the McDonnell F-4C21-MC Phantom II depicting the aircraft making a Vector Roll to gain a firing position on an enemy North Vietn...

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A photograph of Lt. JG David S. Ingalls, USN pilot and the very first US Navy Fighter Ace in 1918

The First US Navy Ace

The U.S. Navy has traditionally had a lot of excellent fighter pilots who performed extremely well in World War I, World War II, and in the Vietnam War. But did you know who was the very first U.S....

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A collection of diamonds of all sizes, shapes and qualities

Uncover The Mystery Of Missing Diamonds 💎

A DC-3 is attacked by Japanese Zeros and crashes on the North coast of Australia. Unbeknownst to the passengers and crew, the DC-3 is carrying cut diamonds bound for the Commonwealth Bank in Austra...

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A painting of Dan Pedersen, father of the Naval Fighter Weapons School, more commonly known as "Top Gun"

The Real "Top Gun" School!

Top Gun 2 is all the rage these days and is the follow-on to the 1986 movie "Top Gun" with Maverick and Goose. Is this all fiction and movie fun, or is there really a "Top Gun" school for naval and...

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