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Paddles and Sunglasses

What do paddles and sunglasses have in common?

This might seem a strange thing to you, but I have been selling sunglasses online for many years now and it is an interesting business.

One of the things I like best about this business is that I have an opportunity to talk to a lot of people, many are pilots like myself.

But, I digress.

Our Core Product Lines

One of our core product lines are replacement parts for Randolph Engineering sunglasses. Many times a pair of Randolphs get damaged - a lens is scratched, a temple gets bent, or another non-warranty issue arises.

Thats where we come in.

Let's say you have a great pair of Randolph Aviators that you love. You take them off, set them on a car seat and someone sits on them.

All at once you have temples that are bent or broken. Now what?

Well, we sell replacement temples on our website, along with many other replacement parts like lenses, temples, nose pads, temple tips, prescription frames and more.

These parts are easy to change out and - viola! - your sunglasses are like new again!

But What About Paddles?

A couple of days ago I received a telephone call from a prospective customer referred to me by Randolph Engineering (yes, they DO refer people to me!).

He is looking for a pair of replacement temples, but at the start of our conversation he starts talking about paddles!


It took me a minute to understand that what he was looking for were temples. But even when I figured that out I still didn't understand exactly what he was looking for.

After a few minutes of confused conversation I finally figured out he needed replacement bayonet temples for his sunglasses! He thought they were called paddles!

But, he is not the only one!

I have had temples described to me not only as paddles but arms, straight things, arms with a hook at the end (Skull Temples) and many other terms.

It turns out that many folks just don't know what the parts of a pair of sunglasses (or just plain glasses) are called.

Take a few moments and check out our post "Sunglass Frame Parts".

I guarantee you will not longer be confused!

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!

John M. White a/k/a JetAviator7 of

Paddles and Sunglasses - How to remove the confusion.

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