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Randolph Engineering, Inc.

Randolph Anderson Aviator Sunglasses

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These Anderson aviator sunglasses are named after Major Scott Douglas Anderson, an American Aviator, engineer, inventor, and award winning author.

Major Anderson flew F-16s and instructed in them, was a general aviation test pilot, and flight tested the first whole-plane parachute recovery system.

This system is credited with saving more than 200 lives in Cirrus Aircraft's line of single engine General Aviation aircraft.

These 56mm colorful polarized sunglasses come in 3 styles.


  1. Your eyes will thank you for the 100% UVA/UVB blocking which prevents damaging ultraviolt rays from harming your eyes.   
  2. The Blue Wave™ technology SkyTec™ glass lenses will reduce your eye strain, improve sleep paterns and increase overall visual acuity. 
  3. The Infrared Ray (IR) Management system for the SkyTec™ glass lenses eliminates dry eye conditions and keeps your eyes from getting tired.   
  4. Water will not sit on your lenses interfering with your vision because of the unique hydrophobic coating appled to the outside of all Randolph lenses. 
  5. SkyTec™ glass lenses are drop ball tested to safeguard your vision. The test drops a 5/8-inch ball from 50 inches to meet ANSI safety standards. 


  • Frame finishes: Gunmetal, Bronze Oxide 
  • Sizes: 56mm
  • Lenses: Polarized SkyTec™ Glass lenses or Polarized SkyForce™ Nylon Lenses
  • Included Embosses Hard Case & Microfiber Pouch

These Anderson sunglasses are named after a famous Boston born military pilot, Major Scott Douglas Anderson.

Scott Anderson became a test pilot for the Cirrus parachute safety system, and had a long and distinguished career.

The frame is a 70s inspired styled aviator with a square vintage look and a strong brow bar for attitude.

They are designed to fit your personal style and make a point of view like non other.

In the meantime, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you Hersch!

Randolph Anderson Aviator Sunglasses on Colorful aviator sunglasses to amp up your wardrobe.

Randolph Engineering Anderson sunglasses for the fashion concious. Colorful aviator style sunglasses sure to please. and Pilot Supplies & Sunglasses LLC are veteran owned and operated businesses. Support our veterans.

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