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Randolph Engineering, Inc.

Randolph Aviator Sunglasses All Sizes, Finishes, Lenses

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Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses All Choices by Aviator Sunglasses and John M. White a/k/a JetAviator7

Randolph Aviator sunglasses are the most comfortable, best-fitting, and best-performing sunglasses on the market today.

Randolph Engineering SkyTec™ and SkyForce™ lenses deliver outstanding protection for your eyes while keeping them cool and comfortable under the harshest conditions.

The lenses fitted in these sunglasses feature high optical precision and are impact resistant meeting US FDA Regulation 21CFR801.410 and ANSI Z80.3-2018 requirements.

The frames are made of specially designed materials to guarantee lightness, comfort, and at the same time, mechanical sturdiness.

Randolph sunglasses offer great value, protect your investment, and will last for many years of use.

If anything breaks or needs replacement, we offer Genuine Randolph replacement parts to keep your sunglasses in tip-top shape! When you need to replace broken parts use only original accessories and spare parts.

To clean the sunglasses, use soap and water and avoid any type of solvent or alcohol. Do not use dirty or abrasive cloths which could alter the features of their filters.

Visit Register Your Frames and learn more about Randolph’s lifetime warranty.

The reason there are two different lens materials is simple: SKYTEC™ crown glass lenses provide unequaled optical performance, but it is difficult to provide unique tints for crown glass lenses.

On the other hand, SKYFORCE™ nylon lenses provide excellent optical performance and can be tinted in different shades and tints.

Whether you choose Aviators with SKYTEC™ crown glass lenses or SKYFORCE™ nylon lenses you will enjoy the best optical performance possible in sunglasses today.

With genuine Randolph Engineering Aviator sunglasses, you get unequaled performance, a lifetime frame joint warranty,

All Randolph sunglass lenses come with a proprietary multi-layer coating that protects your eyes from harmful glare from behind.

Randolph lenses are premium lenses that provide effective defense of your eyes from the harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun. Randolph’s ‘Blue Wave’ technology filters eye-damaging ‘blue light’ preserving your eye health.

The Infrared Ray Management of Randolph lenses helps eliminate dry and tired eye conditions as well.

An Oleophobic coating on the lenses helps your lenses to stay clean, clear, and smudge-free. Added to that is a Hydrophobic coating that enables moisture to roll off the lenses keeping them clear even under wet conditions.


    • Frame finishes: 23K Gold E.P., Bright Chrome, Gunmetal, Matte Black, Matte Chrome 
    • Sizes: 52mm, 55mm, 58mm
    • Lenses: SkyTec™ Glass lenses or SkyForce™ Nylon Lenses
    • Included Embosses Hard Case & Microfiber Pouch

    These Classic Aviator Sunglasses by Randolph Engineering are a favorite for both military and civilian pilots around the world!

    Try your very own pair and you will discover the incredible optical performance of these crown mineral glass lenses.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If, for any reason, you are unhappy simply return them for a full refund.

    If you have questions, please call us or email us and we will help you.

    In the meantime, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you Hersch!

    Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses, all sizes, finishes and lens combinations

    Aviator Sunglasses by Pilot Supplies & Sunglasses LLC is a Veteran Owned and Operated business owned by John M. White a/k/a JetAviator7, USAF Veteran

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