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Randolph Engineering, Inc.

Military Pilot Sunglasses

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Randolph Military Pilot Sunglasses

We are an Authorized Dealer for Randolph Engineering and these are Genuine Randolph Aviators, the very same sunglasses that are standard issue to US military pilots. Why is this important?

Because your Randolph warranty will be valid for as long as you own your sunglasses!

Discover 3 reasons why these Randolph Military Pilot Sunglasses trounce the competition:
  1. The Crown Mineral Glass lenses will not scratch easily like plastic or polycarbonate lenses which means you will see everything clearly even after many years of use;
  2. The UV protection provided by theses glass lenses will block 100% of harmful UV radiation;
  3. The 18% Nickel Silver frames will not break even if twisted into a knot.

And a fourth: Your Genuine Randolph Engineering Sunglasses Will Come From A Randolph Engineering Factory Authorized Dealer!

Consider the following:

Why Sunglasses Lens Materials Are Important UV rays can damage your eyes because 99% of UV radiation is absorbed by the front of your eyes.

Choosing the right lenses for your sunglasses is an important consideration. Many sunglasses today are made with plastic lenses which are highly susceptible to being scratched.

In addition, plastic lenses will not block 100% of UV radiation UNLESS they have a UV blocking film applied to the lens.

The problem is that over time the film can begin to peel off of the lens leaving your eyes unprotected.

While polycarbonate lenses will block 100% of harmful uv radiation they can easily be scratched and often times have anti-reflective films applied to them and these films can deteriorate or come off over time.

How Sunglasses Frame Materials Protect Your Investment

Metal frames are the most popular material for eyeglass frames and there are many types of metal that can be used.

Randolph Engineering uses 18% nickel silver eye wire because the solder used to hold the sunglasses frame together adheres extremely well to this particular metal combination making it almost impossible for the frame to break apart or the joints to separate.

In fact, Randolph is so confident in the eye wire and solder they use to put the frames together that they offer a lifetime solder joint guarantee.

If, for any reason, the frame joints come apart, Randolph will repair or replace the frame free of charge.

With Randolph's lifetime warranty on their frame you can be confident that they will last for many years.

U.S. Military Specification Mil-S-25948J-1984 Guarantee Performance

Since 1982 Randolph Engineering has been the supplier of sunglasses for U.S. military pilots.

You know that it takes a lot of money to train pilots, so you can understand that the government wants military pilots to protect their eyes with a pair of sunglasses that will protect their eyes from those harmful uv rays that get stronger the higher you go.

And you know that because they are being used in a hostile environment the frames have to be strong enough that they will not easily break of come apart.

Originally built for the U.S. Military (Mil-S-25948), our flagship Aviator surpasses rigid military-spec standards.

Standard issue since 1982, these are battle tested and suitable for the most rigorous and demanding use.

You will appreciate:

  • these sunglasses are handcrafted in 200+ steps in Massachusetts, USA using the finest components
  • the comfortable signature unique bayonet temples designed for military pilots
  • that they are the same quality as the military issued HGU4/P, MIL-S-25948 sunglasses
  • why they are worn by pilots and those who demand the very best
  • the 100% UVA/UVB Protection
  • the jewelry-quality frame finish with a durability coating that prevents scratches
  • they are warranted for life against manufacturer’s defects
  • the adjustable cushioned silicon nose pads to customize your fit
  • the new package which includes a case, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a small maintenance kit

Most Important Of All:

These Genuine Randolph Engineering Military Sunglasses make a great gift for a special friend or relative!


  • The bayonet temples allow you to easily slip the sunglasses on and off under any headgear;
  • The crown mineral glass lenses provide you with crystal clear distortion free visual acuity;
  • The crown mineral glass lenses keep your eyes cool even under the harshest conditions;
  • The soft silicon nose pads keep your sunglasses from slipping even under heavy perspiration;
  • The 18% nickel silver frames will keep their finish for the life of the sunglasses;


  • Made in America military pilot sunglasses;
  • Lifetime solder joint guarantee;
  • 98-100% UV Protection.

Randolph Military Sunglasses are made available through a Veteran Owned and Operated Business licensed and approved by Randolph Engineering, Inc.

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