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RE Ranger

RE Ranger XLW Lenses

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Ranger XLW Lenses These XLW lenses are specifically designed for the Randolph Ranger XLW frame for a perfect fit and to perform for many different lighting and use conditions. Each lens is notched for ease of changing xlw lenses quickly as conditions change. Choose Your XLW Lenses

  • Brown (44)- Light reducing lens for bright, glaring days with an open background. Great for picking up brown hues when hunting game birds. LT-34.72% ;
  • Copper Polarized (55)- This lens blocks undesirable blue light while improving contrast in other colors. Excellent for shooting targets against a green background on a bright day. Also great for sight fishing. LT-12%;
  • Dark Purple (51) - A great lens for very bright conditions. Provides contrast of orange targets against a deep blue sky. An excellent lens for glare reduction and snow. LT-30.33%;
  • HD52 (58)- Offers incredibly crisp, clear vision by incorporating precise technology that filters out blue light to increase contrast while perfectly targeting the shooter’s mark. This lens is the expert choice for medium light conditions. Great for red/green deficiency. LT-52%;
  • HD71 Light (59)- Offers the same clarity and crisp target view as the HD lens, however goes a step beyond giving the shooter a flawless edge in dimmer light conditions by cutting through haze and reducing stress on the eye with a very subtle yet effective tint. Great for red/green deficiency. LT-71%;
  • Light Purple (47) - Provides excellent contrast of orange targets against green background or sky. It dampens the green and enhances the orange target against trees. LT- 61.67%;
  • Medium Yellow (52) - Highlights orange clay targets and enhances contrast in low light or overcast conditions. The most popular yellow tint. LT-83.69%;
  • Orange (45)- Excellent all around lens for orange clay targets. Blocks haze and blue light, and enhances the orange of the target. LT-71.33%;
  • Pale Yellow (48) - Brightens and contrasts colors in low light conditions. Excellent lens for hunting or target shooting at dusk, dawn, or evening under lights. LT-90.72%;
  • Vermilion (46)- Terrific lens for shooting against green backgrounds. Works well for those with red-green color deficiency. Highlights orange and dampens green. LT- 41.41%.
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