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RE Ranger

RE Ranger Edge Frames

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The Ranger Edge Shooting Glasses Frame Combines A Sleek Design With Professional Optical Performance!

Shooters who are serious about the quality of their vision depend on handcrafted Randolph Shooting Glasses to perform, no matter the goal.The Randolph EDGE shooting glasses were designed by the shooting industry's top opticians and combine optical performance, sleek design and an angular lens shape to reduce fogging and overall weight.

Made In The USA

Every pair of Randolph Ranger shooting glasses are handcrafted in the USA using the finest materials in the world by skilled craftsmen. Each pair goes through over 200 individual manufacturing operations, many by hand. Randolph Engineering will not compromise quality even when it comes to selecting something as small as the lens screw. The frames provide unequaled strength through the use of specially manufactured solder flux allowing Randolph Engineering to offer a solder joint lifetime guarantee!
Randolph Edge Shooting Glasses designed by the shooting industry's top opticians

Ranger EDGE Lenses

Vermillion NexPC Lens Technology Lenses for Randlph Edge Shooting Glasses Ranger shooting glasses lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UV radiation and are molded above industry standard thickness for your protection. Randolph's dedication to lens quality ensures their lenses provide the best optical definition and clarity.Unlike other shooting glasses, Ranger shooting glasses are made with distortion-free optical-grade polycarbonate. This gives you the level of protection you need while not compromising the quality of your vision. Utilizing the next generation in lens technology, Ranger EDGE shooting glasses have NexPC Lens Technology which is the next revolution in polycarbonate lenses The NexPC lens is 5 to 6 times more impact resistant than standard polycarbonate lenses with the same professional grade optics.

The 7th Commandment Of Shooting Safety

Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting.According to Remington's 10 Commandments of Firearm Safety: Your sight and hearing risk injury from shooting and should be protected at all times.
Wear protective shooting glasses to guard against falling shot, clay target chips, powder residue, ruptured cartridge cases and even twigs and branches in the field. Also be sure to wear eye protection when you're disassembling or cleaning a gun so that tensioned parts (like springs) and cleaning solvents don't come in contact with your eyes.
Why proper eye protection is necessary while shooting

Why Proper Eye Shooting Protection?

No matter where you are shooting - at the range or in the field - proper eye protection is essential. Shooting a gun takes place in close proximity to the face which presents a number of risks for eye injury:
  1. Richochets;
  2. Flying objects like ejecting shells, etc.;
  3. Wind;
  4. Sun;
  5. Dust.
While a good pair of sunglasses are better than nothing, you will always be better off with a great pair of specially designed protective glasses for shooting activities.

Things To Look For In Shooting Glasses

Randolph Engineering Ranger Edge Premium Shooting Eyewear When you are looking for a quality pair of shooting glasses what should you consider? Use the following to make an informed choice:
  1. Lens - for shooting polycarbonate lenses are the best material available today, and the NexPC sets the industry standard;
  2. Lens impact resistance - this is the most important consideration of all. This means making sure that the lens meets or exceeds the ANSI Z87.1 and Z87.3 standards;
  3. Lens UV protection - to provide adequate protection your shooting glasses should absorb 98 to 100% of harmful ultraviolet light radiation;
  4. Lens coverage - the lens should adequately cover enough of your eye area to provide proper protection;
  5. Lens color - this is really your personal choice; however, consider the following:
    • Medium yellow, vermilion or dark purple tints are effective at blocking glare without changing color perception and good for bright light conditions;
    • Medium yellow, vermilion or CMT - especially good for shooting against green backgrounds;
    • Pale yellow, medium yellow or copper polarized - these tints will improve contrast and give your eyes a sensation of heightened visual acuity;
    • Medium yellow, vermillion or copper polarized - are good for enhancing the orange of the target against a background of trees.
  6. Frames - the frame should be constructed of lightweight materials like plastic, aluminum or titanium;
  7. Interchangeable lenses - allows you to use a variety of lens tints depending upon the conditions your are shooting under.
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