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AO Eyewear, Inc.

AO Original Pilot Sunglasses

AO Eyewear, Inc. Available Order Delivered Within 24 Hours

Regular price $229.00
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AO Original Pilot Sunglasses

Purchasing through an Authorized AO Eyewear, Inc. dealer guarantees you will receive personal help if you fail to register your sunglasses, need to submit a warranty claim or have a problem with your purchase.

We have over 20 years experience assisting Customers just like yourself.

These AO Original Pilot sunglasses will help you stand out, make a statement and let the world know you mean business!


100% UVA/UVB protection Your eyes will thank you for the 100% UVA/UVB protection afforded by these sunglasses;

Anti-reflective backside coating You will appreciate the Anti-reflective backside coating as it blocks annoying glare from behind you;

Oleophobic smudge-resistant coating It is hard enough to keep your sunglass lenses clean, but the Oleophobic smudge-resistant coating keeps your lenses clean even in the toughest of conditions;

Impact-resistant (ANSI Z80.3) Broken lenses can ruin your day, so these Impact-resistant (ANSI Z80.3) lenses will protect your eyes;

Scratch-resistant material and hardcoat You will really like the scratch-resistant material and hardcoat of the lenses as it keeps your lenses looking like new for many years;

Distortion-free for optical clarity You eyes will thank you as they experience the distortion-free optical clarity of these AO lenses!

Group on the beach with AO Original Pilot polarized true-tone™ sunglass lenses eliminate glare providing better contrast

In the meantime, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you Hersch!

AO Original Pilot square aviator sunglasses come either polarized or non-polarized, and are sure to please you. is your go-to website to purchase the best aviator sunglasses manufactured in the USA by AO Eyewear, Inc. and loved by pilots since the 1950s 

Aviator-Sunglasses is a Veteran Owned and Operated business


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