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Randolph Engineering, Inc.

Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses All Sizes, Finishes, Lenses

Randolph Engineering, Inc. Available Order Delivered Within 24 Hours

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Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses All Choices by Aviator Sunglasses and John M. White a/k/a JetAviator7

Why is it important to purchase from an Authorized Randolph Dealer?

As an Authorized Dealer we have the forms, the knowledge and the ability to help you with any issue you may have with a Randolph Engineering product.

Randolph aviators and Randolph military aviator glasses have been standard issue to US military pilots since 1978.


1. Your eyes will thank you for the 100% UVA/UVB blocking which prevents damaging ultraviolt rays from harming your eyes.   

2. The Blue Wave™ technology SkyTec™ glass lenses will reduce your eye strain, improve sleep paterns and increase overall visual acuity. 

3. The Infrared Ray (IR) Management system for the SkyTec™ glass lenses eliminates dry eye conditions and keeps your eyes from getting tired.   

4. Water will not sit on your lenses interfering with your vision because of the unique hydrophobic coating appled to the outside of all Randolph lenses. 

5. Every batch of SkyTec™ glass lenses are drop ball tested to safeguard your vision. The test drops a 5/8-inch ball from 50 inches to meet ANSI safety standards. 

So now you tnow why military pilots wear these sunglasses!

Try your very own pair and you will discover the incredible optical performance of these crown mineral glass lenses.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If, for any reason, you are unhappy simply return them for a full refund.

 Female pilot wearing overalls and 52mm Randolph Aviator 23K Gold E.P. Frame Bayonet Temple American Gray lens  sunglassessrc=


  • Brand Name: Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses;
  • Frame Material: Nickel Silver Alloy;
  • Lens Material: SkyTec™ Mineral Glass or SkyForce™ Nylon;
  • Lens Attributes:
    • Distortion Free Optical Clarity;
    • 100% UVA/UVB Protection;
    • Anti-reflective Backside Coating;
    • Oleophobic Smudge-Resistant Coating;
    • Impact Resistant (ANSI Z80.3).
  • Sunglass Sizes in mm: (Lens Width-Distance Between Lenses-Temple Length)
    • 52mm: 52mm-15mm-140mm;
    • 55mm: 55mm-15mm-140mm;
    • 58mm: 58mm-15mm-140mm.
  • Temple – Bayonet: 140mm Long

If you have questions please call us or email us and we will help you.

In the meantime, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you Hersch!

Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses, all sizes, finishes and lens combinations

Aviator Sunglasses by Pilot Supplies & Sunglasses LLC is a Veteran Owned and Operated business owned by John M. White a/k/a JetAviator7, USAF Veteran

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