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Article: How To Adjust Your Sunglasses Frames

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How To Adjust Your Sunglasses Frames

How To Adjust Sunglasses Frames

The method for adjusting the frame will depend upon what material the frame is made of, and the various parts of the frame.

A typical sunglass frame will consist of the following parts:

  • The front, or the part which holds the lenses
  • The temples which are attached to the front
    • Temples come in several styles:
      • Bayonet temples. These are the temples that go straight back from the front, over the ears, and continue straight back. They work by holding the frame snugly to your head by being bent slightly inward. They are typically found on aviator (or pilot) sunglasses.
      • Cable temples. These are the temples that go straight back from the front, down the backside of your ear, and continue forward under the ear. They are the typical temples you find on sport and hunting shooting eyewear.
      • Skull temples. These are the temples that go straight back from the front and then angle downward behind your ear. You typically find these on an ordinary pair of glasses.
  • The hinges which attach the temples to the front of the sunglasses
  • Sunglass frames normally come with either metal or plastic frames

Today, most high-quality sunglasses have metal frames which are typically made of 18% nickel silver eyewear.

For example, you will find metal frames on most aviator sunglasses like Randolph Aviators, AO Original Pilot, or General sunglasses.

How to Adjust Metal Frames

On metal frames, there are several areas of the frame which can easily be adjusted.

The most common part to adjust is the temples (or arms) that hold the frame snugly on your head.

They are normally quite easy to adjust using your hands or simple tools you will have in your toolbox.

How to Adjust Skull Temples

Sometimes we find the Skull temples (the temples that curve over and down the back of your ears)  feel loose.

Skull temples are quite easy to adjust.

Simply use a hot air blower or hair dryer to gently heat the temple part that goes down over your ear until it feels moist, then bend it to conform and fit tighter over your ears.

You can then hold the frame in one hand and, using your other hand, gently bend the curve of the skull temple until they feel right.

How to Adjust Bayonet Temples

Over time bayonet temples may become sloppy and fit loosely against your head.

In this case, you want to start by tightening the screws that hold the temples to the front of the frame.

If that doesn't solve the problem, then you will need to gently bend the temples inward until the temples are again snug against the side of your head.

How to Adjust Nose Pads

The next part that can be adjusted is the nose pads.

You might find that the frame sits higher up or lower down on your nose.

To correct this issue you can adjust the nose pads.

Using a pair of needle nose pliers gently grab the metal nose pad holder and bend it in or out. Be sure and bend both metal nose pad holders equally!

If you want the frame higher on your face then bend it inward towards the frame; if you want the frame lower bend it outwards from the frame.

The closer the nose pads are together the higher the frame sits on your nose and face; the further apart the lower the frame will sit on your nose and face.

How to Adjust The Frame

Sometimes, after you have worn the sunglasses for some time, the frame will sit cockeyed, or at an angle on your face.

To solve this problem face then place the frame upside down on a flat surface and look and see if both temples lay flat on that surface.

If one of the temples does not match the other on the surface, then it needs to be adjusted.

You can use your hands or needle nose pliers to bend the temple at the hinge attachment point; however, if you do use needle nose pliers then be sure to use some cloth to protect the frame finish from being damaged.

Be very careful when you do this so that you don't damage the frame front.

Plastic Frames

You can bend any part of a plastic frame by simply using your hair dryer to warm the frame up and then bend it to make the frame fit as you want on your face.

You can bend the temples, temple tips, frame front or any other part that looks odd or needs adjustment.

Over time plastic frame temples tend to bend outward, so use your hairdryer on the corner where the hinge is, heat it up, and bend the temples back into position.

Then soak in cold water to set the change.

And that is how to adjust sunglasses frames so that they fit right.

Video On Adjusting Sunglasses Frames

I hope this information will help keep your sunglasses in good shape and fit well.

If you need replacement parts for any pair of Randolph sunglasses, simply go to our Home page and click on Replacement Parts.

You can also find any of our Randolph sunglasses in the Randolph Sunglasses Collection.

Or, you can find a great selection of all-new AO Eyewear sunglasses at the AO Sunglasses Collection.

In the meantime, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you Hersch!


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