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Article: General Care of Sunglasses

General Care of Sunglasses

Sunglasses General Care

Your AO, Randolph Engineering and other aviator frames can last for generations with a little love and proper care.

It's quicker and easier than you think! In just 2 short minutes you can have your sunglasses looking like new.


When you got your sunglasses they most likely came with a nice microfiber lens cleaning cloth. 

Use this cloth to wipe day to day smudges away frequently to keep your lenses clean and clear.

If you have lost your microfiber cleaning cloth replace it as soon as possible. Your can find some on our website at cleaning cloths.

As you do handle the frame gently so that you do not alter the frame alignment.

Always use both hands to put them on or off because using one hand will, over time, affect the alignment and fit of your sunglasses.

If your sunglasses are exposed to saltwater or chlorine in a swimming pool be sure to use a mild dish soap and lukewarm water to clean your glasses.

Be sure to give the nosepads and temple tips some extra care and attention on a regular basis to remove oils from your skin. 


Never use paper products to clean your frames or wipe your lenses. Paper may feel soft but believe me they are abrasive and will cause damage over time.

Avoid the temptation to use the hem of your shirt or skirt to wipe your lenses. Oils from your skin and fibers from cloth can scratch your lenses.

Sanitizer contains particles which can also scratch your frame and lenses.

Avoid using ammonia as it can remove the finish on the frame or damage acetate frames. If you need a good eyeglass cleaning solution check out our Purity Eyeglass Cleaner.

Extreme hot or cold temperatures can raise havoc with your sunglasses. Never leave them in your car on the dashboard as the sun can warp and damage your frames.

It is also important to never place your sunglasses lens down on any surface.


 If you have lost your carrying case then the first thing to do is get yourself a nice carrying case.

If you misplace your sunglasses or need an easy way to carry them, then consider getting yourself a nice leash to carry them around your neck. We have a great selection on our website at Leashes.

In the meantime keep your eyes safe and your sunglasses close Hersch!

Discover how easy it is to keep your sunglasses clean and make them last for generations.

Discover the best way for the general care of sunglasses.

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