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Article: GQ and Randolph Aviators


GQ and Randolph Aviators

Recently GQ reviewed the Randolph Aviator sunglasses with SKYTEC™ lenses.

Randolph Lenses

SKYTEC™ lenses were developed for Military Aviation to safeguard the pilot's most important sensory asset - their eyes - in mind.

These lenses are made of mineral glass and are indiviually ground and polished to the exact standards of a camera lens. These are the absolute clearest optics possible with maximum scratch-resistance.


But, Randolph Engineering doesn't stop there!

Each lens comes with the following state of the art protection and proprietary coatings:

1. VOP, or VECTOR™ Optical Coating, stops harmful glare from behind you getting into your eyes. It is a multi-layer coating which is applied to the backside of the lens. It helps to reduce eye-strain, and improves visual acuity with the additional benefit of Hydrophobic, anti-static and scratch-resistance properties.

2. BLUE WAVE™ technology filters damaging 'blue light' from interfering with the health of your eyes. It reduces eye strain, improves sleep and increases overall visual acuity. These lenses also protect your eyes from harmful HEV (High Energy Visible) light that is know to cause macular degeneration and eye damage.

3. Of course, 100% UVA/UVB protection is standard with these lenses.

4. The Oleophobic Coating keeps your lenses clean and smudge free by resisting oil from being absorbed as wekk as greasy finger prints.

5. IR (Infrared Rays) management eliminates dry eye conditions and reduces eye tiredness. 

Moisture rolls off the lenses with Randolph's Hydrophobic Coating and keeps water from sitting on your lenses.

SKYTEC™ lenses

SKYTEC™ lenses come in a variety of colors, and each color has a specific purpose.

For example, the Neutral Gray lenses provide the clearest and natural colors to the wearer.

The AGX (Slight Green Tint) lenses enhance the green colors (think trees) providing enhanced contrast in heavily wooded areas.

The Tan lenses enhance contrast in fog, haze and snow conditions.

As a pilot I always recommend at least one pair of the Neutral Gray or AGX sunglasses and one pair of the Tan sunglasses.

Pilots must always be prepared, and so should you!

Damaged Randolph Aviator Lenses

Unfortunately problems sometimes arise over time with our lenses. 

They become scratched, perhaps a small chip broken out, or some of the film has come loose.

One of the great things about Randolph Engineering sunglasses is that there are replacement parts readily available.

We can supply Randolph Replacement Lenses right here on our own website.


As GQ says "Experience The SKYTEC™ Difference":

GQ and Randolph Aviators

Check these Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses out today!

As always, keep your eyes safe and comfortable!

John at

aviator sunglasses for men

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