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Article: Saratoga Reinvented!

Saratoga Reinvented!

The NEW AO Eyewear Saratoga Sunglasses!

American Optical (AO) had been manufacturing glasses and sunglass frames since 1833 predating even Ray Ban.

AO sunglasses are the true originals.

Over the years American Optical manufactured millions of frames, helped America win the First and Second World Wars, accompanied the first men to the moon with their Original Pilot sunglasses, and have created iconic styles like the Saratoga.

 But over time change is inevitable, and some styles changed or eliminated as the sunglass division managers changed.

One of the victims was the Saratoga, a favorite of President John F. Kennedy.

The New AO Eyewear Company

A number of years ago the American Optical Company became more valuable in it's pieces than as a unit, so divisions were slowly sold off until the sunglass division was sold to the last American Optical President and became AO Eyewear.

Production was moved to China, then returned to the United States, and then sold to Europa in Chicago. 

With new management and leadership AO Eyewear sought to return to it's roots.

The original AO logo was brought back, the product line updated and improved, and the iconic Saratoga has found it's way back.

The Saratoga

The Saratoga is one of the most classic and enduring sunglass styles of all time, but has not been manufactured for decades.

But now it is back, better than ever, made by skilled American Craftsmen using the finest components on the planet.

With a lifetime warranty and exceptional lenses the beautiful style and frame bring function to style in a big way.

No longer lost in the dustbin of history, the Saratoga reimerges stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Experience this incredible sunglass today by visiting our website and clicking on Saratoga.

President John F. Kennedy

JFK remains one of our favorite Presidents. Photographed often with his family or sailing, one of the most common things we saw were his sunglasses.

These were Tortoise Frame Green Glass Lens Saratoga sunglasses by AO.

Here are a few images of JFK wearing his Saratogas"

Recapture the past and check out the all new Saratoga line of sunglasses today!

In the meantime keep your eyes safe and healthy Hersch!

AO Eyewear Saratoga Sunglasses Return!

The return of the iconic Saratoga sunglasses loved by JFK

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